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Okay so it's April! Among other things this means:
-A new round of [community profile] remopodmo to help us all record more podfic for [community profile] amplificathon, [community profile] podficbigbang, or whatever. I always get a ton done during [community profile] remopodmo months. Thank you, [personal profile] cantarina!
-The official start of [community profile] welovepodfic, the Podfic Feedback Challenge, including the week 1 mini-challenge, comment on an old favorite to tell the reader how much it's meant to you.
-Also there will probably be a new challenge at [community profile] kink_bingo! (The mini-challenge post hasn't gone up yet but I'll probably edit this post to link to it when it does.)

Another thing that's happening that started in late March is the People with Disabilities (PWD) Being Awesome Commentwork Fest!, hosted by [personal profile] terajk. You can leave prompts or post fic or drawings or podfic or whatever there.

Hey, speaking of fanworks about people with disabilities, I want to make some! Maybe you can help me. Although I'm paying attention to the [community profile] kink_bingo mini-challenges and doing my best to participate in those, the two big personal goals I've set for myself during this amnesty period are
-finish a blackout of my second bingo card (some images NSFW), and
-make a Characters With Disabilities bingo for the top row of that card.

I only have four squares left to fill for the blackout! One of them is a fic that I'm writing and am pretty sure I can finish. The other three are part of that top row and I don't know how I will fill them yet. Can you help me find stories that I could podfic, featuring characters with disabilities and the kinks vehicular, guns, and body alteration/injury?

more about what I'm looking for )

If podficcing doesn't work out for all the squares maybe I will write something, so I would take fic prompts as well! Especially interesting to me would be prompts involving the ladies of Merlin.

For those of you who don't know me, my main fandom is Merlin and I'm also into Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Community, and a bunch of other fandoms that are listed in my tags.

Thanks so much!
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Hey, do you love podfic? So do I! Lots of people do, but not enough of that love makes its way back to the people who create podfic. There are lots of different reasons that contribute to this, but one of them is just habit. Like a lot of people, I sometimes listen when I'm away from the computer, have lots of feelings, and then don't make my way back to the reader's journal to share those feelings with them.

But the truth is, as [personal profile] dodificus reminded me the other day, it's not all that hard! It is the kind of habit that I'm capable of changing.

So next month I'll be helping [personal profile] dodificus out with [community profile] welovepodfic, a podfic feedback challenge.
Challenge yourself to leave some kind of feedback for every podfic that you listen to during April and hopefully you'll be inspired by the mini challenges that pop up through the month to stretch your feedbacking skills even further.

If you already listen to a lot of podfics and comment on them all then you are in good competitive shape for our challenge. And if you listen some but don't always comment, then you have more to gain by participating. (If you don't like listening to podfic we still love you and hope you have a great April too!) Also there will be prizes!

Podfic Feedback Challenge, April 1st-30th


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