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-[ profile] aralias has started up [ profile] podtor_who, a new comm for Doctor Who podfic! Sign up for a day between Nov. 20 and Dec. 19 to post a newly recorded Doctor Who podfic! Wouldn't it be great if we had one for every day?

-The Kaleidoscope fanworks exchange is probably going to go live this weekend! In the meantime, they are looking for pinch hits in the following fandoms:
十二国記 | Juuni Kokki | Twelve Kingdoms
青い花 | Aoi Hana | Sweet Blue Flowers
NO.6(ナンバー・シックス) | No. 6 (anime)
Epic of Gilgamesh
Dragon of the Lost Sea - Laurence Yep
Static Shock
サイレン- | Psyren
東海道HISAME | Toukaidou Hisame
姑獲鳥の夏 | Ubume no Natsu | Summer of the Ubume - Kyōgoku Natsuhiko
The mods would appreciate it if you'd pass on this info to people who might be able to help. You can also browse all the requests and make extra treats if you want. ETA: I am so amused by the two Y tu mamá también requests, right there one after the other. That is fandom, right there. God bless. /eta Some of the requests are open for art and fanmixes and vids as well as fic. All the links you need are at [community profile] dark_agenda.

-Speaking of rare fandoms, Yuletide is open for signups! I'm not especially in a writing place these days and the nominations process looked scary, so I've decided to sit out official participation again this year, but I do hope to write a treat or three! You can get the links you need for that at [ profile] yuletide_admin. The years I participated in Yuletide I had a really awesome time!

-OMG OTW elections! If you're a member, you should have instructions and useful links in your email.
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Yesterday [personal profile] eruthros and [personal profile] thingswithwings posted the Round Four Prize Announcements, including the Arbitrary Mod Prizes. This works as an arbitrary recs list of some of the exciting things posted at [community profile] kink_bingo this June-September, and I was thrilled to get a prize for Best Praxis for my essay about the kinkiness of podfic and my verbally humiliating Azula/Ty Lee podfic. Thank you mods! Look at the sexy banner [personal profile] eruthros made me under the cut!

prize banner )

I am also getting ready to run a podfic for beginners workshop at the [ profile] pornspiration comm on LJ next week. I was thinking a series of posts over the course of the week. Let me know if you have suggestions or would like to help out (or make a promo banner)! Anyone over 18 can join the comm, they just keep posts locked for the sake of teambuilding and all.

some pro-Dreamwidth anti-LJ grumbling )

La la la. Oh hey speaking of user interfaces, how about the new gmail? I'm keeping my sophinisba account the same for now (cherry blossoms!) but on my other account I switched to the new look and the Oceans theme. It's so pretty! I love the bit of translucency and the way the modules sometimes seem to be floating over the background - I find it very soothing (even though I don't like being on boats etc. in real life).

Okay so back to podfic talk! The reason I want to do that workshop next week is that it'll overlap with [community profile] pod_aware/[ profile] pod_aware! Mod [personal profile] paraka and friends have been working on some podfic meta podcasts that will be posted then, and I'm looking forward to hearing how those turn out. (I will tell you a secret: I spend a lot more time listening to non-fandom podcasts these days than podfics. I find the conversation style easier to follow when I'm riding the bus or whatever than a fic. There are times when I listen to a lot of podfic but I am not doing that now.) [personal profile] paraka would also like to emphasize that you don't have to be a podfic maker to participate in this. You might be someone who likes to listen to podfic, or an author who is okay with people making podfics of their work. As far as I understand it, all you have to do is post something during the week (the something could be a fic or a picspam and doesn't need to be podfic-related) and include a little blurb and a link to a post at the comm. It should be fun and will help us out.

podfic and fic I'm working or not working on )
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Created using the Fanfiction Header Builder
Title: Any Story We Know
Fandom: Fucking Åmål | Show Me Love / Merlin
Wordcount: 1555
Pairing(s): Agnes/Elin with a bit of Gwen/Morgana
Rating: PG-13
Contains: references to self-harm (not graphic) and infidelity
Summary: "I knew this was going to happen, you know."
Notes: I spent my Christmas Eve this year watching this Swedish lesbian teen movie, then writing this fic, and posting it to the AO3 just before the Yuletide Collection closed. It was an extra gift for our own [personal profile] emei, who brings much queerness and awesome to Merlin fandom.

Any Story We Know )
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Look you guys! [ profile] fitz_y posted a gigantic Merlin Fic Rec Extravaganza Eleganza for slash, femslash, and multi ships other than Arthur/Merlin. This is a great resource (and I'm not just saying that because it includes a couple of my fics and a bunch by my friends)! There's a lot of great variety in Merlin fandom but the Arthur/Merlin stories do tend to be the most popular, and the rarepair stuff can be hard to find. I know when I've used Delicious or AO3 tags to try to find Gwen/Morgana fic, I mostly get Arthur/Merlin fic with Gwen/Morgana in the background. Fic tagged Lancelot/Merlin often turns out to be about Merlin starting out in a relationship with Lancelot but eventually realizing he really loves Arthur. Obviously there's nothing wrong with those kinds of stories, but Fitz's list points us right at the awesome fics where the rarepair is the main one. Hooray!

The epicness of that post puts me to shame - so much I haven't read, even for my favorite rare pairings! But here is my own humble rec list, just four more of my favorites from the Yuletide stories I've read.

fandoms: The Catcher in the Rye, Old Spice Man/Beowulf, The Muppet Show/Doctor Who/Doctor Who RPF, The Handmaid's Tale )
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So much happy small fandom reading! Here are my favorites from what I've read so far this Yuletide - several are for fandoms I've requested in the past or would have requested this year, and the fics have all the things I love - it feels almost as if they were written for me! I hope you like some of them too!

West Side Story, Treme, The Wire, Homicide, Law & Order: SVU, Bend It Like Beckham/My Beautiful Laundrette, The English Patient, The Little Mermaid )


Nov. 13th, 2010 08:19 am
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Yuletide signups are up on the AO3! They will be open until…okay I guess we don’t get a deadline, maybe the 17th or maybe the 19th or 20th. If you’re not in a rush though you might want to wait a day or two so as not to pound the servers so hard. Apparently the form is huge and may take a long time to load. People seem to be having better luck with Chrome than other browsers. There’s more information at [ profile] yuletide_admin. I have an extra AO3 invite code, so let me know if you need one. I have really enjoyed this challenge for the last three years and I highly recommend it. I'm excited that some of my friends are participating for the first time this year.

Don’t forget that you can also keep up with [community profile] dark_agenda, who are running a subcollection within Yuletide 2010 to encourage and promote fics with chromatic characters and creators, and [community profile] access_fandom has an informal challenge for Yuletide fics about characters with disabilities.

I’ve decided not to sign up myself this year for a combination of reasons, the biggest one being that I’m facing a lot of deadlines in real life right now and I don’t want to risk getting a difficult assignment and having fandom become another source of stress. (There’s a small possibility that I’ll cave though.) Normally I would power through on the strength of my Yuletide squee, but, um… squee harshing )

On Dreamwidth you can see the latest posts tagged yuletide. (I do wish this had inline cut tags like one’s reading list does.) I was using that to follow the wank but then it turned into more and more “Dear Yuletide Writer” posts and those are also cheering me up. Already this morning I found a request by someone I don’t know that’s uncannily similar to what I want from the source, and I might try to write that or something else, even though I’m not signing up. Last year I wrote two extra stories and the year before I wrote five and those were all a lot of fun, even though last year I also had people telling me that reading letters to get ideas for extra stories was Not In the True Spirit of Yuletide. *g* I guess there’s always something.
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I just did my fandom nominations for Yuletide! Nominations close in a little less than two days, so if you're planning on participating and have your heart set on a particular very small fandom, this is the time to make sure it's available. However, even if you don't do nominations this week, you can still play in the challenge with the fandoms other people have nominated. There are LOTS.

I nominated four movies, a TV show, and a book: Treme, Keeping the Faith, Antônia, Leonera, Caramel, Kindred )

There's been some great activity at [community profile] dark_agenda this week encouraging people to nominate, request, and write for sources created by and starring people of color. Check out the comm and the Chromatic Yuletide Spreadsheet of Doom if that is also an interest of yours. They are also linking to promo posts so it could be a good place to find out about some new tiny fandoms. (I have been meaning for ages to do a post about Leonera and Antônia and haven't finished it yet. Maybe this weekend.)
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Yuletide authors were revealed yesterday so now I know who wrote my gifts. Thank you, no longer mysterious authors!

-[profile] izzybeth wrote Four Completely Unconnected Scenes In 1st c. Judea (Life of Brian).

-[ profile] emiime wrote Rejoicing As An Integer (Harold/Kumar), as well as the wonderful Graceland fic that I recced a few days ago.

-[ profile] jain wrote Harold and Kumar and Maria and Vanessa Go to Bed. Together.

I was so happy about this one because I'd requested Harold/Kumar but also said I didn't want girlfriend bashing, and then here was this great little fic with the girlfriends, and it turns out it's written by the person who's running [ profile] ladies1st, the Star Trek Reboot Gynocentric Fic Exchange about women that went live yesterday. I'm not really into Star Trek but I'm in favor of stories about women.

Here are the fics I wrote:

-But This Is My Home Now, 5422 words, rated PG, for the 2007 movie The Visitor.
Summary: Five times Mouna Khalil was right where she wanted to be.
Writing this )

-On This Shore of the World, Alberto/Ernesto (or gen), 1100 words, rated PG, for the 2004 movie The Motorcycle Diaries.
This is one of my favorite movies. It's based on a true story of a road trip Ernesto Guevara (later called Che) and his friend Alberto Granado did around South America in 1952, and it's rather slashy. Several attempts )

-Sick, Kee and Miriam, 1007 words, rated PG-13, for the 2006 movie Children of Men.
This is another one of my favorite movies and it's the third time I've written fic for it. Kee )
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Hello! I only slept about two hours last night but surprisingly am feeling pretty good now. I got all my traveling out of the way this morning and Lora and I have had a relaxing afternoon watching BSG and talking about fandom, waiting for [ profile] beruscats, [ profile] claudia603, and [ profile] hanarobi to arrive later tonight.

I meant to do another Yuletide recs post but I haven't had time to read much in the last couple days, so just a couple quick links tonight:

Paul Simon songs:
Down By The Schoolyard has a great narrative voice and actually makes the lyrics to "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" make sense.

How We Begin to Remember does an amazing job weaving together elements from lots of different songs on one of my all-time favorite albums, Graceland.

There are lots of other fics for songs by Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles, Amanda Palmer, and others. Here is the list of fandoms.

National Public Radio:
Wait Wait Don't Eat Me is Wait Wait Don't Tell Me for the zombie apocalypse.

I would also like to call everyone's attention to the Archive of Our Own's Zombies tag.

Oh oh and!
A great [ profile] camelotsolstice fic you may have missed, Moment of Yew, 26,000 words of plotty gen with surprising magic and OT4 love.
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Yay, people are doing the meme where the talk about all the fic they've written this year. I love that one and I'm enjoying reading people's thoughts about their own writing. I will do it too but I want to wait until after I can claim my anonymous fest fics. Camelotsolstice and Yuletide talk )


Dec. 26th, 2009 07:37 pm
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Yuletide fics are up! I'm really happy about the gifts I received! Some awesome mystery person got my request for Monty Python's Life of Brian and wrote Four Completely Unconnected Scenes In 1st c. Judea. It is just the kind of wackiness I was hoping for, with environmentalists protesting against the Romans, Judith and Loretta discovering feminism, and a special guest appearance by Jesus. Yay!

For the first time I also got extra Yuletide treats! Two people decided to write me fics about Harold and Kumar's epically awkward love!
Here are a few other favorites from what I've read so far. fandoms: Leverage, Anthropomorfic, Saving Face, Fairy Tales, The Handmaid's Tale )

There are over 2700 stories of 1000 words or more in the regular collection, and a bunch of shorter Yuletide Madness fics will be released soon. The site's a little slow because of all the people using it, but it's been fine for me to read one thing while another is loading. You can browse by fandom or check out other people's rec lists posted to [ profile] yuletide. I'll probably do another recs post tomorrow or Monday.
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Yuletide has moved to the Archive of Our Own this year and that's taking some adjustment but is mostly awesome. The thing I love most personally is that it's now possible for us authors to edit our own stories whenever we need, and that doesn't affect the anonymity or give the mods extra work. It also makes me happy to know that lots of people are helping out with technical stuff at the archive so not all the work is on [personal profile] astolat and [personal profile] elynross.

And it means that anyone with an AO3 account can upload Yuletide stories, even if they didn't sign up for the original challenge. If you're interested in participating and don't have an account, you can request one! You can look at Yuletide requests from people who don't have a full-length story posted for them yet to see if there's something you'd like to write, even if it's just a drabble. Once those are all filled everyone's requests will open up. (Um, I'm still not actually writing, but I'm excited about it in my own way.)

Another thing that's neat about the archive is that people can put whatever tags they want on their stories. It's possible to see the fandom tags for the challenge so some people are looking at that to try to figure out which of their requests got written. I'm not doing that because I want to be surprised, but I have been looking at some of the other tags, including the Character of Color one where you can see a ton of new Mystery Works uploaded in the last few days.

I have a question for Leverage fans, since there will probably be a bunch of Leverage fics for Yuletide. I like Leverage pretty well but I've only seen the first season and the first six episodes of the second. But most of the episodes are pretty, you know, episodic, so I'd be fine reading fics without having seen the end, right? Or does something big and dramatic happen at the end of season two that will be ruined for me if I find out the wrong way? Is there an episode or two I should try to watch before I read fics, so that things will make sense, and that will be okay to watch without having seen all the other episodes?
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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for signing up to write one of my fandoms! These movies are all pretty well known and accessible, and in my opinion very ripe for ficcing, but with a few exceptions for Harold and Kumar they just haven't been. I hope you're excited about the chance to write something new and that you'll go with whatever ideas appeal to you. If you're looking for extra guidance you can read my ramblings below, but know that I will be thrilled to read anything about these worlds and these characters. I go on about some more than others but I'd be just as happy with any of the fandoms, and I could go for completely ridiculous crack or something very serious about the meaning of friendship, family, or God. Just tell the story you want to tell and know that I will be delighted.

Life of Brian )

Harold and Kumar movies )

About a Boy )

Keeping the Faith )

General )
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[personal profile] dhobikikutti is highlighting some non-Western source texts and characters among the nominated [ profile] yuletide fandoms and encouraging people to offer and write them, and to be thoughtful about it. There are a lot more fandoms suggested in the comments. A lot of these are single books or movies, so even if they're not familiar now, there's time to check them out in the next six weeks, so at least you'll be prepared to write someone an extra treat come Yuletide Madness.

[personal profile] dhobikikutti also points to [personal profile] thingswithwings' observation that even for a lot of the small fandoms where characters of color are central in the source texts, the fics in the archive focus on white characters. This is a problem I've noticed in the past too, including in my own Yuletide fics, so it's a good thing to keep in mind as we get ready for sign-ups in another week or two.

ETA: You can follow this challenge at [community profile] dark_agenda.
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Today I had lunch at a Chinese restaurant and my fortune cookie said, "Share your happiness with others today." :D

I'm happy because [ profile] smaragbird wrote a New Year's Resolution fic for Yuletide based on my request for a story about Luke (that is Chiwetel Ejiofor's character) from Children of Men and his mention toward the end of the movie that he had a sister. Children of Men fic, you guys, I'm not the only one who writes it hooray! [ profile] smaragbird did Luke/Patrick growing up and falling in love as the world is falling apart! Go read it and share in my angsty apocalyptic happiness! Children of the Fall

In other news, the preview function on Dreamwidth never works for me. I always just get a message saying, "Sorry, there was a problem." I don't see this as a known issue on the Support page. Has anyone else run into it? I don't like not being able to test my (frequently faulty) html before I hit post.
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It makes me happy when people respond to things they don't like in fandom in positive ways like hosting a ficathon. It also makes me happy when people write gen fic about queer people. Thus, I'm doubly excited about queerlygen, a new community on Dreamwidth. If you're not doing the Dth thing, you can friend [ profile] queerlygen on LJ where I think at least mod announcement posts will be mirrored. Here's an excerpt from the mission statement by [ profile] fiercelydreamed:

    For many of us who are queer, we're queer all the time. We're queer when we're grocery-shopping. We're trans when we're at the library. We're bisexual when we go on camping trips. We're questioning when we kick ass at kickball tournaments. We're intersex when we face off against our thesis defense committees. We're lesbians when we show up at our straight friends' houses after they've been brutally dumped by some jackass. And we're gay at (and quite possibly for) the dentist.

    Drawing a line in the sand between "slash" and "gen" erases the fact that many of us live our daily lives aware of our identities and experiences as queer or genderqueer people. It's not something we only think about when we're falling in love, getting our hearts broken, or getting off.

At first I was a little confused seeing as how [ profile] lgbtfest already exists and its fics are mostly gen, but for one thing [ profile] lgbtfest is really popular and tends to fill up, so there's certainly room to have another similar thing at a different time of year. And also I think the focus will be slightly different, since lgbtfest fics tend to be about being lgbt (a lot of stories about characters coming to terms with their identity or coming out to family and friends), and maybe queerlygen will be about more of a variety of experiences including adventure plots, and both fests will be awesome.

And now I shall rec some queer gen fics that I've enjoyed, some of which I've recced here before:
  • One & Only by [ profile] baylorsr
    LotR, Frodo and Merry
    This is maybe the first gay gen fic I ever read. [ profile] baylorsr got all kinds of ridiculous criticism for suggesting (in a PG-rated fic) that Frodo could be gay, but this is really a lovely sad Frodo and Merry friendship story. I love the idea that Merry is as good a hobbit as he is because of lessons he learned from Frodo when he was growing up.

  • Padding Around by [ profile] hanarobi
    Lotrips, Elijah and his mom
    I think it was at the moot in March a group of us were talking about our first fics and [ profile] hanarobi said her first fic was one none of us had ever read, but I remembered this as one of the first Lotrips fics I'd read. I think there's a nice "this is a gay couple and not just a slashed couple" vibe in [ profile] hanarobi's Dom/Elijah wingfic series Wing Development too.

  • Out of the Cupboard Under the Stairs by [ profile] magnetic_pole
    Harry Potter, Harry
    [ profile] schemingreader recced this fic about Harry coming out to his friends on [ profile] magnetic_pole's birthday a couple years ago and that was how I became aware of her, and now we are friends and I love reading her posts, so I know she is also excited about queerlygen. I have shown this fic to real life friends as an example of how cool fanfic can be and they agreed with me that it was charming and great.

  • Constructing Selves by [ profile] nevermindirah
    Torchwood, Toshiko
    This was part of [ profile] lgbtfest 2008. I remember at the time I read it I was sort of flailing trying to figure out what I wanted from fandom and where I should be, and I wrote to Claudia that what I really wanted to read was genfic about lesbians of color "and LotR fandom is SO not doing that for me." OTOH it's distressing that this is the only fic about a woman or a PoC on my little list here. :( But anyway, this fic is great because it's so in character for Toshiko, that her reaction to realizing she isn't straight is to do research. :)

  • The Circle Game by [ profile] carolinecrane
    Saved!, Dean
    This was a quiet little fic from last year's Yuletide that didn't get as much attention as it deserved, in my opinion. Dean realizing he's gay sets the events of Saved! in motion but then he's not around for most of the movie, having been sent off to Mercy House to be cured. I love that this fic puts him back in the center and keeps the movie's spirit of questioning received knowledge and of good people helping each other out even when they disagree.

  • And now, a self-rec!
    Nine Steps in a Circle by me!
    Little Miss Sunshine, Frank and Dwayne
    This was my main fic for Yuletide last year. It's mostly about an uncle teaching his nephew how to write while both of them are thinking about what they want to do with their lives, and also the main character is gay.

Speaking of fic recs (including self-recs), we're doing fics set in Lothlórien this month at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. There haven't been any recs yet and I'm a little embarrassed because the only one I can think of is a noncon with some questionable grammar and use of apostrophes. I will probably rec it because I think it's hot, but I should also try to think of something more respectable to go with it.
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Did the last fic update until Sunday's author reveal at [ profile] remixthedrabble today and it seems I didn't forget anything this time because nobody has e-mailed to ask why their drabble didn't get posted. Hooray! Also, another remix of my fic went up! I was so thrilled that a certain Mystery Author (whose name I know but won't say just yet) decided to remix "Just to Keep It", a short fic I wrote for Yuletide 2008 for the book and movie The Hours! Go read Just to Keep It (The Hindsight Remix)! It's a remix of a fic about a minor character who appears in only one scene of a book that no one else has ficced! It is full of regret and beauty! ETA: It is by [ profile] theswearingkind!

Here are some of my other favorites from what I've read so far, in no particular order. I know who some of the authors are but have forgotten others. I am editing it after the reveal to add the authors' names.
I am also really pleased that I've heard from all three of the people for whom I wrote remixes and I think they were all pleased, or at least they had the decency to pretend to be. :) And the most enthusiastic comment was on the drabble I was most excited about myself, so that made me feel really good. More on remixthedrabble and remixredux09 )
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Hey, sign-ups are open at [ profile] purimgifts, the multifandom short fic exchange for characters who are Jewish and/or women and/or persecuted by evil viziers. This was one of the most enjoyable things I did as a fan last year and I would encourage anyone who's tempted to go for it. It's a fun, low-pressure fest and I still think it would be really cool if someone wrote Éowyn fic for it. :) I still haven't signed up myself but that's because I'm stressing about some RL stuff this week and pretending I want to cut back on fannish stuff for a while, but I will almost certainly cave before the sign-ups close on January 22nd. Sign-ups are here and rules here.

Last year I wrote a set of crossovers, including Aladdin/Lost, for the mod, [ profile] roga. And as it happened, she ended up writing one of my favorite fics at this year's Yuletide, the Aladdin fic Whole New World. You know, I didn't do a lot of Yuletide reccing this year because I was busy, what with Claudia being here and all, and I didn't make that one a priority because it was already a big hit and being recced all over the place. I realized talking to [ profile] roga the other day though that it's nice to post about fics you like, even if they're already getting a lot of attention, because then you get the extra fun of going back and adding in the authors' names after the reveal. And sometimes that is a chance to discover a writer you hadn't heard of before, or sometimes you find out it's someone you know and that is also very cool.

Anyway, the thing I wanted to say about this fic is that Roga's version of the Genie makes a lot more sense than what you see in the movie, which is, you know, Robin Williams showing off and making all kinds of crazy cultural references that don't have anything to do with the story and don't really add up to anything. This fic has that some kind of all-over-the-place feel to it at first but then she ends up bringing all the different pieces of it together and it is painful and meaningful and great. Really, you should read it!

Another great Yuletide fic with some similar themes is [ profile] deepad's One Thousand One and Counting. This is listed as fic for Arabian Nights but you don't need to know the source to appreciate the story, which is a collection of connected vignettes about Muslim women in different parts of the world.

I'd seen Deepa's name around some different places, including as the mod of [ profile] eid_fic, before I read her fic last week. And then just last night I read this amazing essay she posted a few days ago about her experience as an Indian woman reading and writing fantasy, I Didn’t Dream of Dragons. She also did a great follow-up post with advice for white writers, here.
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Here are two fic year in review memes (adapted from [ profile] rubynye's version), plus commentary on my Yuletide stories.

Leitmotif of the year: Small fandoms, minor characters, and unusual crossovers. Sometimes I worry that this is a way of giving up or withdrawing from bigtime fandom, like saying, "I know my Frodo fic will never be as good or as popular as ***'s, so I'll just go over here in this corner and write some Pippin/Marigold, and if no one comes to read that's just because it's a rare pairing and not through any fault of mine." However, most of the time going with the new characters feels like the right thing to do, in order to say something that's new and interesting to me. When I try to write Casey/Zeke or Frodo/anyone these days I always feel like I'm repeating myself, as well as repeating all the other fics I've read about those characters. On the other hand, a few weeks ago I wrote a fic about a character who appears in just one chapter of a book that to my knowledge no one else has ficced before. I really loved doing this.

Favorite stories etc. )

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to: There's an unused Yuletide prompt that I really love for one of my favorite movies, The Motorcycle Diaries. It makes me a little nervous because it's on the edge of RPS, being about historical characters and all, but I really want the fic to exist, so I'm going to try. Also, while putting this meme together I came across an unfinished genfic about Frodo visiting Lobelia post-Quest that I would like to try to finish.

All the stories, listed by month )

Oh my goodness, I have a lot to say about my Yuletide stories. The thing is, I feel like I had about as good a Yuletide experience this year as a person can have (apart from having limited Internet access and reading time those first few days after the fics went up). I mean, I know my writer enjoyed her assignment and I loved the story she wrote. I got a great assignment and I wrote a lot of stories. All five of my recipients had really nice things to say. The fics that were in widely known fandoms got read by a lot of people, and the ones in more obscure fandoms got a few really appreciative comments from the few people who knew them, which I figure is more what Yuletide is really about. I didn't rush through anything like I did last year, and I am happy with all the things I wrote for the challenge. Whoo!!

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Just about done spamming you, though I may have a meme a little later. :)

Title: Just to Keep It
Fandom: Michael Cunningham's The Hours
Characters: Kitty, Laura, OFC
Rating: PG
Words: 903
Summary: What Kitty thought of Laura's kiss.
Notes: Written for [ profile] paceus for Yuletide 2008, first posted here. Thanks to my rl friend N., who participated in fandom for the first time by betaing this.

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