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There was a post today at [ profile] lotrips_finders looking for a specific Merry/Pippin h/c fic, with no responses yet. Maybe some of you hobbit kids can help them out.

Lotrips fans, we're looking for Dom/Elijah recs at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs this month. Just one new rec so far, and a depressing number of the ones recced in previous challenges have since been taken off the Internet or put under f-lock. I'm pleased that the ones by people on my friends list are still public anyway. :)
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  • [community profile] in_the_beginning (the Hebrew Bible fanworks fest) and [community profile] queerlygen are open on Dreamwidth! People are posting fics and art and other cool things!

  • There is a Gwen/Morgana Kiss Meme and a Merlin/Arthur Kiss Meme!

  • New Merlin episode today/tonight, and a new comment party at [community profile] camelot_fleet! If you've been wanting to get to know more people in Merlin fandom, and in particular if you've been wanting to get to know more cool people in Merlin fandom, come by and say hello. There is a spoiler-free post and a spoilerful episode 2.03 celebration post. Oh, and for those who enjoyed my post on Thursday, note that there's a special thread for discussion of writing porn at the spoiler-free post: Smut thread!

  • There's a new challenge at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs: Rec the Reccers. Let other people know how you find your favorite LotR and Lotrips fics.

  • I Saw Three Ships, the multifandom threesome fic exchange, is open for sign-ups. Check out the Rules and FAQs at the website and watch for updates at [community profile] 3_ships.

  • [ profile] choc_fic is getting ready to host 100 Days of Color, celebrating characters and entertainers of color from November 15th to February 22nd. At that post you can claim a date and a character. Claims are not exclusive, so even though someone's already planning to post about Martha Jones and her awesomeness, you could sign up to celebrate her too (because there's plenty of awesomeness to go around).
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Eep! I just signed up for [ profile] camelotsolstice, the Merlin winter fic and art exchange! ILU Hanarobi )

In other Merlin multishipping news (or not so new but I've been meaning to link to them for a while), [ profile] vicky_v posted a great bunch of screencaps of When Gwen Did Awesome Things And/Or When I Especially Loved Her and [ profile] miakun wrote Test of Patience, a great Gwen fic with hints of lots of pairings but especially Gwen/Lancelot.

Oh also I saw someone say she thought the new season of Merlin was going to start on September 19th, which is my birthday! :D Even if this is not true and even though if it is true I still wouldn't be able to watch it until the next day at the earliest, this was still totally awesome to read.

Earlier today I put up a new challenge at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs, looking for fics about birthdays. This one should be especially easy for the Frodo and Bilbo fans, but I hope we will get some good rps recs too. I feel like there are a couple classics about Elijah's birthday but I don't remember details.

(Eep, I signed up for an exchange! *flails*)
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Happy birthday, [ profile] elanorgardner! Thank you for sticking with LotR fandom through the years and being so generous with the time and energy you have for fandom, and thank you for tolerating me with my lazy co-modding. I hope you're having a great day.

The new challenge at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs is Gollum fics and there's only one there so far. I'm sure Elanor would be pleased if we added a bunch of new ones today. :)
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So even though Merlin is my favorite character on the show and most of my favorite fics are from his POV, I totally adored Pastimes & Lifestyles by [ profile] netgirl_y2k, an AU in which he never comes to Camelot and so Morgana has to take over his job of protecting Arthur from various monsters and sorcerers. The fic has a lovely light tone, great characterization, plot, and a satisfying Gwen/Morgana romance.

[ profile] thefuturequeen is hosting its second Gwen Battle with prompts open until August 5.

Merlin Big Bang fics will go up at [ profile] boxofmagic on August 5th!!!

We're about to close up the Lórien challenge at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs, putting up a new challenge (something Lotrippy, I think) over the weekend.

Someone at [ profile] lotrips_finders is asking for favorite long Frodo/Sam fics. Maybe you can help them out.
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It makes me happy when people respond to things they don't like in fandom in positive ways like hosting a ficathon. It also makes me happy when people write gen fic about queer people. Thus, I'm doubly excited about queerlygen, a new community on Dreamwidth. If you're not doing the Dth thing, you can friend [ profile] queerlygen on LJ where I think at least mod announcement posts will be mirrored. Here's an excerpt from the mission statement by [ profile] fiercelydreamed:

    For many of us who are queer, we're queer all the time. We're queer when we're grocery-shopping. We're trans when we're at the library. We're bisexual when we go on camping trips. We're questioning when we kick ass at kickball tournaments. We're intersex when we face off against our thesis defense committees. We're lesbians when we show up at our straight friends' houses after they've been brutally dumped by some jackass. And we're gay at (and quite possibly for) the dentist.

    Drawing a line in the sand between "slash" and "gen" erases the fact that many of us live our daily lives aware of our identities and experiences as queer or genderqueer people. It's not something we only think about when we're falling in love, getting our hearts broken, or getting off.

At first I was a little confused seeing as how [ profile] lgbtfest already exists and its fics are mostly gen, but for one thing [ profile] lgbtfest is really popular and tends to fill up, so there's certainly room to have another similar thing at a different time of year. And also I think the focus will be slightly different, since lgbtfest fics tend to be about being lgbt (a lot of stories about characters coming to terms with their identity or coming out to family and friends), and maybe queerlygen will be about more of a variety of experiences including adventure plots, and both fests will be awesome.

And now I shall rec some queer gen fics that I've enjoyed, some of which I've recced here before:
  • One & Only by [ profile] baylorsr
    LotR, Frodo and Merry
    This is maybe the first gay gen fic I ever read. [ profile] baylorsr got all kinds of ridiculous criticism for suggesting (in a PG-rated fic) that Frodo could be gay, but this is really a lovely sad Frodo and Merry friendship story. I love the idea that Merry is as good a hobbit as he is because of lessons he learned from Frodo when he was growing up.

  • Padding Around by [ profile] hanarobi
    Lotrips, Elijah and his mom
    I think it was at the moot in March a group of us were talking about our first fics and [ profile] hanarobi said her first fic was one none of us had ever read, but I remembered this as one of the first Lotrips fics I'd read. I think there's a nice "this is a gay couple and not just a slashed couple" vibe in [ profile] hanarobi's Dom/Elijah wingfic series Wing Development too.

  • Out of the Cupboard Under the Stairs by [ profile] magnetic_pole
    Harry Potter, Harry
    [ profile] schemingreader recced this fic about Harry coming out to his friends on [ profile] magnetic_pole's birthday a couple years ago and that was how I became aware of her, and now we are friends and I love reading her posts, so I know she is also excited about queerlygen. I have shown this fic to real life friends as an example of how cool fanfic can be and they agreed with me that it was charming and great.

  • Constructing Selves by [ profile] nevermindirah
    Torchwood, Toshiko
    This was part of [ profile] lgbtfest 2008. I remember at the time I read it I was sort of flailing trying to figure out what I wanted from fandom and where I should be, and I wrote to Claudia that what I really wanted to read was genfic about lesbians of color "and LotR fandom is SO not doing that for me." OTOH it's distressing that this is the only fic about a woman or a PoC on my little list here. :( But anyway, this fic is great because it's so in character for Toshiko, that her reaction to realizing she isn't straight is to do research. :)

  • The Circle Game by [ profile] carolinecrane
    Saved!, Dean
    This was a quiet little fic from last year's Yuletide that didn't get as much attention as it deserved, in my opinion. Dean realizing he's gay sets the events of Saved! in motion but then he's not around for most of the movie, having been sent off to Mercy House to be cured. I love that this fic puts him back in the center and keeps the movie's spirit of questioning received knowledge and of good people helping each other out even when they disagree.

  • And now, a self-rec!
    Nine Steps in a Circle by me!
    Little Miss Sunshine, Frank and Dwayne
    This was my main fic for Yuletide last year. It's mostly about an uncle teaching his nephew how to write while both of them are thinking about what they want to do with their lives, and also the main character is gay.

Speaking of fic recs (including self-recs), we're doing fics set in Lothlórien this month at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. There haven't been any recs yet and I'm a little embarrassed because the only one I can think of is a noncon with some questionable grammar and use of apostrophes. I will probably rec it because I think it's hot, but I should also try to think of something more respectable to go with it.
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Happy Mayday! I feel bad that I didn't post more poetry during April. But then again I guess there's no rule against posting poetry at other times of the year.

I put up the sign-up posts for round 6 of [ profile] remixthedrabble a couple hours ago! I meant to post links from here right away but I've been consumed by a Canadian TV fandom controversy I was previously unaware of. o_0 Hopefully that's been sorted out now. I'm actually terribly nervous about being the primary mod on this challenge for the first time, but I'm also really excited because I love the reading and writing part so much.

This is the Drabble Purist Round, where all the remixes will be exactly 100 words. Sign-ups are open until the 11th and are nonreciprocal again, so you can sign up as a remixee (giving permission for others to write drabbles of your stories) or as a remixer (you'll get four weeks to write a drabble!) or both, as you prefer. As usual, I am making sad puppy dog eyes at all you LotR writers hoping that you'll join in so I can mess with your stuff. :)

Remix Redux will also be happening again this year and will probably include rpf for the first time. If you're interested in the challenge and in particular if you're an rpf writer the mods would love it if you'd fill out this poll about the proposed changes.

Also earlier today I posted a new challenge at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs, asking for fics with a memorable portrayal of Sean Astin, and [ profile] mews1945 has already contributed a few recs. I'm hoping we'll get a lot on this one (which will be on for the whole month) since there are a lot of people still writing Sean/Elijah and there's overlap between that group and the hobbit fans who participate in the comm more often.

I have five Dreamwidth invite codes. Comment here with your e-mail address if you'd like me to send you one.

In non-fannish news, I've had a mysterious headache off and on since Wednesday night, just in a small area on the right side. Not too big a deal and if it had to happen I'm grateful it's this week and not last week, but it is annoying.
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Today’s the last day to offer prompts at [ profile] lgbtfest and claiming starts tomorrow. I put in a bunch of Merlin prompts and one Monty Python one last night and I saw an angsty Merlin one this morning that I’m thinking about picking up. Whee! Prompt submission post. ETA: leaving prompts does not obligate you to write for the fest. You can also claim a prompt and write a story even if you haven't left any. ETA2: Prompts closing at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time today. /ETA

The new challenge at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs is MPREG, and my f-list is full of LotR mpreg experts. Whoo! Even if you don’t have new recs, maybe you can help fix the old broken links. MPREG rec challenge

I’m feeling weird about me and my fannish involvements and obligations lately, and how to balance them with obligations in other part of my life. I’ve been a slacker-mod at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs and [ profile] remixthedrabble, and I dropped out of a fic exchange for the first time. :( On the other hand, I’m proud of myself for getting most of my writing for [ profile] purimgifts finished over the weekend. Those ficlets are due tomorrow and I need to write a bit more before then, plus I have a really terrifying amount of rl work to do over the next few days (and, for that matter, months), so if you miss me (and wonder why I’m not fixing the mpreg links my own damn self) that’s probably what’s going on. ♥ ♥ ♥
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Well, I think I'm going to sign up for [ profile] springtime_gen, a Harry Potter genfic exchange. Would any of you like to join me? (Or try to talk me out of signing up so I can write something else like I don't know maybe my dissertation?) Writing up my sign-up and thinking about what kind of fic I'd like to read or write reminded me of several HP gen fics I started last summer and didn't finish, so I've taken those out and am now close to finishing two of them. Would any of you like to beta? I could especially use a Britpicker for the longer one (maybe around 2500 words) and someone who knows French for the shorter one (less than 1000 words), though I also have someone I could probably e-mail about the French thing. Yay, writing! This is a nice feeling!

In other news, we are looking for ficlet recs (anything less than 1000 words but not exact drabbles) at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. I know a lot of people on my f-list like reading and writing drabble sets and other short fics. This could be a nice time to give some of those short fics some recognition, rather than the long ones that tend to get recced a lot. :)

When I was going through old entries for that meme yesterday I came across a "don't forget we have this challenge!" post that was meant to go on [ profile] lotr_fic_recs but that I had posted to my own journal by accident. I'd answered three or four comments here and everything and never realized the post was in the wrong place lol.
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Could someone please link me to a seriously nice picture of Orlando Bloom, suitable for posting at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs to remind people of their favorite Orlando-centric fics?

ETA: [ profile] mews1945 to the rescue! I'm good now, thank you!
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Yuletide sign-ups close in less than two hours (9 PM Eastern US time), you guys! More than 1500 people have signed up already! The list of eligible fandoms is here. I can't wait for assignments to go out!! (I should really start composing my dear writer letter omg.)

Also please contribute your Ian/Elijah recs at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs! It's always so nice when those posts get more of a response than I'm expecting so I'm excited about how active this one's been so far. Post your own recs or help us track down some [ profile] grievous_angel fics, here.
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Post about your favorite Merry/Pippin fics at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs! The challenge is open for the next two weeks, but the sooner you post, the more people will see it. :)
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We are asking for LotR and Lotrips femslash recs at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. I was excited that there were several recs right away on the first day and one of them was for one of my friends (that is always nice to see) but there could be a lot more. Of course, I haven't done my part yet myself. Anyway, femslash, yay.

Signups are open at [ profile] remixthedrabble are open until tomorrow night. I'm really happy that two great writers from my f-list plus a few other LotR fans are participating already but again I am greedy, I want more. :D (100 little words! You can write 100 words, can't you?)

Signups just opened at at [ profile] slashababy, the LotR RPS story exchange. (It's crazy how much looking at that post makes me want to sign up, even though I've never been able to write in that fandom and have barely been able to write anything in any fandom in recent months.)

And signups also just opened at [ profile] lotr_sesa, the Secret Santa exchange for LotR fic and art. A few people on my f-list did this last year – are any of you planning to do it again? Comments are screened on the signups post so I can't tell.


Sep. 9th, 2008 09:34 pm
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[ profile] agapi42 wrote a lovely fic for me in the [ profile] tindogs_fic (New Who Minor Characters) ficathon: Stitches, Showing Through is about the Italian man Donna meets in the episode "Turn Left", having some very different encounters with her, the Doctor, and Captain Jack in the universe where she turned left. Check out the comm for more fun stories about those characters that only appeared in one or two episodes but made you want to know more.


[ profile] baylorsr's classic Faculty fic Birthright is back online after several years of being hidden, and is still awesome. That link includes the main story and all the additional chapters written by Baylor and [ profile] oselle, including some never before posted publicly. Baylor has provided a helpful list of links to the new chapters here at her journal. Thanks to [ profile] layne67 for letting me know about this!


No recs so far on the new challenge at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs: [ profile] lotr_fic_recs: Kinky sex. Come one, I bet you know of some good ones.
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Happiness meme: Today I'm happy because I have new shoes that are both comfortable and very cute. This is the second pair of Sketchers I've bought this year. I bought the other pair mostly because I liked how they look but they turned out to be great for walking too, so I'm happy to have these new ones, which are almost as funky and look like they'll be slightly better for walking.


We are looking for good Pippin fics at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. It was great to get a rec from [ profile] mews1945 right away on the first night and they've been coming in steadily since then. The challenge will be open for another week and a half, here.

If I weren't expecting this September and October to be horribly stressful for me in real life I would totally sign up for the Finish-a-thon at [ profile] multific: "The finish-a-thon is a ficathon, with all the ficathon-like things like deadlines and fellow volunteers to encourage you, but with this ficathon, you write your own ideas. But since part of the encouragement of a ficathon is writing things for other people, what we're going to do, is vote for which story ideas people should write." In the sign-ups you list at least three stories that you've been wanting to write or to finish, and later on there'll be a poll so that others can choose which one you're going to finish this fall. You decide whether voting is open just to other challenge participants or to everyone (including your f-list and others more likely to read your fic). Sign-ups end on August 15th, fics are due by October 24th.
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There's a meme I saw last night in which you post every day in August about something that makes you happy. I didn't pick it up because I don't think I can handle posting every day, but today I decided that if I bend the rules a bit I should be okay, so my plan is to post about something that makes me happy for every day in August, and I won't feel bad if I miss a day here and there (because goodness knows I don't need guilt over the happiness meme). I am looking forward to this.

1. Yesterday I set up a delicious account! I am having so much fun with it! I save bookmarks of things I have written and things I have read and things I intend to read, and I can see whether other people have saved the same thing. I can search other people's bookmarks to find fics and other interesting things! I know this is very old hat to some people, and some are annoyed with the new interface, but for me it's all very exciting.

And a nice surprise for my ego: in the past I had read conversations where people said what fun it was to see their own fics bookmarked by others, to see what tags and notes had been used. And I thought, Eeyore-like, Ah well I am not famous enough to have that happen to me and anyway nobody in my fandoms uses delicious. However! Last night I saved my own Yuletide fics, and it turned out other people had already saved them! There were even some nice positive comments, especially on the long one I worked so hard on last November and December. Wow!

2. Lots of people have been reccing fics featuring original characters at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs in the last week and a half, including a couple people who hadn't participated there before. Also I had a really nice e-mail last week from someone I didn't know requesting that we do a femslash challenge. Sometimes I get glum and think that nobody cares about that comm anymore so it is really awesome to know that other folks are paying attention. Plus, someone besides me wants femslash! Now I must go rec something myself and then put up the post closing the challenge. Yay!
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I think I'm going to sign up for [ profile] tindogs_fic, a fic exchange for minor characters in the new Doctor Who. Anyone care to join me? Sign-ups close today! Fics must be posted by September 1st. The sign-ups post is here.

Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows but I've always thought it would be scary to write fic for it because
-there are decades of canon I haven't seen
-Ten is the Doctor I'm in love with but I don't know if I could ever write his voice
-the fandom seems to have an awful lot of crazy shippers (but then maybe it just looks like that from the outside)

Anyway, I don't think any of those things would be a big problem with this exchange, since it's limited to the last four seasons, and most of the requests have to do with characters who've only appeared in an episode or three, which can be reviewed easily enough. The requests that are there look really interesting and are mostly to do with characters, plots, and worlds rather than sex. (Smut is great but it's not what I've been especially wanting to write lately.) I just found out about this today myself and my biggest challenge at the moment is to come up with three story ideas to request. (I can freak out about actually writing the story next month omg.) Anyone have any suggestions?


Speaking of suggestions, there have only been a few comments on the latest challenge over at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. We are looking for Frodo/Sam fics, which you wouldn't think would be hard to find! [ profile] elanorgardner has heroically coded links to all the recs in previous Frodo/Sam rec challenges and we could also use a little help correcting broken story links. If you know of a good F/S fic or two, go here and tell the community about it. We also really appreciate link posts (like this one) in other journals and communities to help spread the word.

(See? I am still a fan. I can post about things other than traveling and being sick!)
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We're looking for Frodo/Éomer fics over at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs this week and next week. [ profile] surgicalsteel's already contributed one rec, and I bet a lot of other people on my f-list know of a good Frodo/Éomer fic or two. Over here!

ETA: Aw, Claudia, I knew you'd come through for me. :)
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We are collecting recs for hurt/comfort fics over at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs. These can be LotR FP or RP, gen or any pairing, any rating or level of medical explicitness. (And in case you were wondering, Elanor and I had decided on this challenge theme before the latest round of controversy arose around Stories of Arda.) Even if you're not in a reccing mood, you might want to check out the entry to see the past and new h/c recs and find something to read. We already have three recs since late last night and I expect this to be a popular one. Hurt/Comfort recs

digression about language )

Anway, I think it's unfortunate about SoA, but it has been nice to see an increase in posting at The Last Ship lately. I have been very lazy and haven't done much work there since we started up in November, but [ profile] baranduin has been working on the site and just fixed the thing with e-mail notifications so now they'll take you directly to the reviews. You can also choose between several really pretty LotR-themed site schemes that we didn't have at the beginning. The thing I did work on early on and that I'd like to get back to now is the help site, which is a wiki, meaning that anybody who wants to can contribute to it. We did disable anonymous editing because we were getting some spam, but anyone who wants to can set up an account. If you're looking to contribute something, it would be great if you could add some links to other archives and communities on the External resources page. Just click on the "edit" link at the top of any page or section, and if you're not familiar with wiki language you can use the little icons at the top of the box to add links. It's easier to get used to than you probably think. :)
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Tonight's the deadline to sign up for the latest round of [ profile] remixthedrabble. Remember that this is the non-reciprocal (or not necessarily reciprocal) round, so even if you don't feel like writing anything, it would be really nice if you could sign up as a remixee so that I could get assigned to you and so have a chance to write about hobbits.

Um, I was also going to remind people to go leave prompts at [ profile] lgbtfest before the deadline, but I guess they closed a couple hours ago. :/ So, instead I will remind you that prompts will be opening up for claiming tomorrow, and dude, there are like millions of them! A whole lot of interesting and inspiring ideas to choose from! Also, I think they'll be having a reccing fest sometime soon for LGBT-themed fics that already exist.

Speaking of recs (though I've been a very lazy mod the last few weeks and didn't actually make the announcement that we were keeping the challenge open for an extra week), I'll mention that we're still looking for LotR and Lotrips fics involving family relationships over at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs until Sunday. Rec as many as you like, as long as they're not your own, and start a new comment thread for each story, over here. You can also check out the recs that are there already – [ profile] dreamflower02 has, as usual, been a great help.


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