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Did the last fic update until Sunday's author reveal at [ profile] remixthedrabble today and it seems I didn't forget anything this time because nobody has e-mailed to ask why their drabble didn't get posted. Hooray! Also, another remix of my fic went up! I was so thrilled that a certain Mystery Author (whose name I know but won't say just yet) decided to remix "Just to Keep It", a short fic I wrote for Yuletide 2008 for the book and movie The Hours! Go read Just to Keep It (The Hindsight Remix)! It's a remix of a fic about a minor character who appears in only one scene of a book that no one else has ficced! It is full of regret and beauty! ETA: It is by [ profile] theswearingkind!

Here are some of my other favorites from what I've read so far, in no particular order. I know who some of the authors are but have forgotten others. I am editing it after the reveal to add the authors' names.
I am also really pleased that I've heard from all three of the people for whom I wrote remixes and I think they were all pleased, or at least they had the decency to pretend to be. :) And the most enthusiastic comment was on the drabble I was most excited about myself, so that made me feel really good. More on remixthedrabble and remixredux09 )


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