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Funny, I did a catch-up post in October for two podficlets I'd done in February and another one from August, but I forgot that I'd also made this other slightly longer one in August:

Traveling Companions cover

Title: Traveling Companions (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3)
Author: [ profile] saellys
Fandom: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Rating: NC-17
Ship(s): Bodhi/Cassian/Jyn
Size: 17 MB, 23:37 minutes
The author's summary for this one has too many paragraphs so I'm just gonna say it's a threesome on Hoth and it's awesome.
Notes: I really love the Rogue One characters you guys.

Then also I participated in the awesome new Podfic Broken Telephone, in which each person makes a podfic inspired by someone else's podfic and then we all get to observe the chains branching out in unexpected ways. [ profile] Dark_Dreymer had made this great Kirk/Bones hatesex podfic so I decided I would also record some loveless smut from a space fandom... but with ladies! I loved making this! Also I decided to include music because DD had, and that was challenging but I was able to use things I'd learned at a panel about music in podfic at this year's Podfication, and that also made me happy.

put your finger on my trigger cover

Title: put your finger on my trigger (text, download, and streaming links at the AO3)
Author: [ profile] leiascully
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Rating: R/NC-17
Ship(s): Kara/Kendra
Size: 12 MB, 17:10 minutes
Author's summary: "I'm not looking for absolution. Just a little oblivion."


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