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Title: Candles
Author: [ profile] gala_apples
Reader: [personal profile] sophinisba
Cover photo: Candles in the Aedicule by Guillaume Paumier
Fandom: Bandom
Ship: Gabe Saporta/Mikey Way/Pete Wentz
Rating: NC-17
Contains: sex, swearing, drug use, ableist language
Summary: Four times candles were useful on tour, and one time they weren't.
Reader's notes: My first Bandom fanwork! For the "pervertibles" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card.
File info: mp3, 4.4 MB, 9:30 minutes
Links: download at MediaFire or listen streaming at SoundCloud
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-Thank you, folks who've been talking to me about the appeal of anon memes! (I'm not talking specifically about mean_merlin here.) I've mostly been having these conversations in chat, which is, I think, where I tend to get that release of expressing unpopular opinions or talking about thoughts I'm still working through, without having to worry that I'll say something wrong and someone will hold it against me forever. For other people it works better to do that anon.

-I'm not into Inception fandom and neither is [personal profile] telesilla, but I've enjoyed reading people's responses to her post asking what the appeal is (and also that other friends-locked post that a friend made the other day ♥).

-From Hating Music in Podfic to Loving it: A Convert's Journey by [personal profile] podcath at [community profile] podficmeta is an interesting post and discussion! I've never had strong feelings against music in podfics but I used to dislike doing it for the ones I made. I found it technically difficult and also felt too insecure about my own musical tastes to want to impose them on people (especially because I was seeing people complain about music in podfics before I ever started listening to them). Lately though I've also been starting to come around, and thinking about how music might add something to the way I want to present a story, rather than just adding it in because it's something some listeners seem to want. I'm looking forward to playing around with this when I get into the later edits of A Lever and a Place to Stand.

-For years I've had friends telling me how awesome bandom was and that it didn't matter that I didn't know who the characters were, that I could still enjoy the fics. And I said, No way! How could I possibly enjoy a fic if I didn't care about the characters?! However, a few weeks ago I finally broke down and read a couple Panic! at the Disco fics, and they were great (and made me care about the characters)!
-Tell me to stop by [ profile] airgiodslv - kink and relationship!
-Fair Market Value by [ profile] arsenicjade - slavefic with earnest farmers!
-Call It Home by [ profile] disarm_d - slavefic in space!
And now I am listening to Gerard Way's Vampire Detective Agency, [personal profile] pandarus's reading of the fic by [ profile] jjtaylor. It's not even PatD! It's some other band, so I can't even go back to [personal profile] roga's PatD Primer & Picspam to figure out how I should picture this Frank person, and yet OMG I LOVE THIS FIC/PODFIC SO MUCH! Frank's devotion to Gerard is giving me such a lovely old school Frodo/Sam vibe (without LotR fandom disillusionment) as well as reminding me of Watson and Holmes and then ALSO it's got vampires and zombies and anti-discrimination campaigns and charming awkwardness and humor and I just <3 <3 <3 it! There are a whole bunch of characters whose names are unfamiliar to me and that's keeping me from being able to follow the story all that closely, but that is totally fine! Bandom fans, you were right and I was wrong.
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-[ profile] slightlytookish responded to my request for Gwen and Merlin uni AU at the friendship fic fest! Go read Sandwiches and Chaucer, it's lovely!

-This morning a friend pointed to an annoying post by someone who doesn't know anything about podfic. I was annoyed but rather than get involved I did a little bit of recording (finally started in on my [ profile] podficbigbang project!) and then went out to do some things. But when I got back there were a bunch of awesome comments on that post from people who know things about podfic (or about like, how not to make annoying posts about things you don't know anything about)! Yay, smart fans!

-While I was out today I was enjoying listening to [personal profile] pandarus's podfic of her own The Student Prince. I had read about halfway through that fic a couple months ago and was a little frustrated by how slow the story was in moving forward, but listening to it is such a pleasure that now I'm perfectly happy that it's so long. Fayjay has such a smooth and soothing voice and I also love the way she does the funny parts.

-I may possibly have started reading bandom fic. /o\


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