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[personal profile] eruthros asked me to say "something about vidding? Maybe how you think about the process of vidding vs the process of writing or podficcing? Or a vid commentary? Or something like that?"

idk )

There is my post about vidding! [personal profile] emei also made a post about vidding for the December meme today, and it's much more coherent than mine, hurrah! Now I shall go rewatch some source! And maybe tomorrow I'll see about making some clips and even putting them into iMovie, and then I will feel better about the Festivids checkin this weekend. Thanks, [personal profile] eruthros!
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Here are some neat things on the Internet!

Doctor Who podfic - [ profile] lunchy_munchy, [ profile] fishpatrol, [ profile] paraka, and [ profile] cantarina1 collaborated on a podfic of In an Interstellar Burst, an AU of Journey's End in which Rose, Martha, and Donna sort out the Doctor's problems and their own and then go have trope-y adventures and sexytimes in space. !!!!!

Vidding meta - [personal profile] thingswithwings has an interesting discussion about the genre of multifandom Women Are Awesome vids.

XMFC recs - [ profile] rubynye posted Fanfic & Social Justice: An X-men: First Class Recs Post, a great resource for interesting stories that ends with a great mini-essay contesting the idea that social justice discussions inhibit creativity in fandom or produce boring fics that nobody wants to read:
all of these stories are on my list because I enjoy them, and that enjoyment is enhanced by the truths their authors chose to include rather than elide when they wrote them. In these stories I see a broadened range of our shared humanity, and I think that is an absolutely excellent development.
Fuck yeah [ profile] rubynye!

Merlin fic - [personal profile] themadlurker posted How to Survive Promotion in the Middle Ages, over 80,000 of fun, tightly plotted fic involving Arthur and Gwen as adorable young marrieds plus Merlin, Gwaine, Lancelot, OCs, sword fighting, secret identities, medieval literary references, and other fine things.

The AO3 - The Archive of Our Own is still awesome and getting awesomer all the time! Kudos! Tags! Sorting! Easily downloadable files! And now prompt memes hurrah!! I have invite some codes so let me know if you would like one. Accounts are useful even if you're not interested in posting fic there.

Merlin fest - [community profile] kinkme_merlin is running the Never Have I Ever challenge, where you earn points by filling prompts with ships, kinks, and fanwork types that you haven't done before. I would probably sign up for this if I weren't already working on exactly the same goals at [community profile] kink_bingo and [ profile] summerpornathon this summer (and if I could ever get used to posting anon comments without freaking the hell out). This seems to me like a neat way of encouraging variety at the meme without seeming to be against the most popular pairings, the thing that seemed to upset so many people about Project Diversity last year. Anyway I hope other fans have as much fun as I have been having trying out new things. (Unless they prefer to keep developing their strengths/do more of what they've been doing, which is also cool!)

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As I had hoped would happen, [personal profile] frigg (so much more knowledgeable about Merlin fandom than I) has left an awesome long comment on my recs post from yesterday, including a bunch of additional recs and links, and thoughts about visual representations of subby Arthur. Do check out the comments if that's something you're into! And turns out there's a whole [ profile] arthur_submits comm on LJ that I didn't know about! Maybe I will post a link there and more people will comm and share their recs. (Or maybe I will be too shy.)

Speaking of LJ comms, [ profile] camelot_knights is running an Elyan Week starting tomorrow!

Elyan Week will run from Monday 24th January - Sunday 30th January at [ profile] camelot_knights!


Monday: Prompts
Tuesday: Icon Pool
Wednesday: Picspam
Thursday: Discussion
Friday: Kink Meme prompts
Saturday: Shipping
Sunday: Free for all!

Click the banner for the prompting post, which is already open!

There is also a new Porn Battle running at [personal profile] oxoniensis's journal now through February 3rd, with zillions of prompts in Merlin and many other fandoms, and a separate listing for prompts featuring characters of color. It is open to everything porny including fic, art, vids, and songs. (I've always found the Porn Battle kind of overwhelming with all the prompts and intimidating with the injunction to create hot porn, and I've never written anything for it, but maybe if I look at some of the smaller fandom prompts I'll come up with something.)

Being Human season 3 started/starts tonight whoo! And wtf I don't have a journal tag or any icons for it. Well, I guess I watched the first two seasons really quickly and not while they were airing so I never really talked about it. But this is one of my favorite shows! I can't wait to watch!

I notice that almost all my posts lately are either fanworks or cheerful links to fanworks and challenges, and I haven't been making many f-locked posts. I have been feeling mostly good about my writing (three fics already this month, two of them longer and porny! After only four shorter fics in the previous four months) and podficcing lately and not as good about the rest of my life. I will say though that today I did a load of laundry and washed ALL the dishes, so those are two things to feel good about.

ETA: Oh gosh I forgot to say [community profile] festivids!! That was my whole day yesterday, alternating tears of heartache and squeals of squee! (I should go back tonight and maybe that will put me in a better mood.) Well, I will try to do a separate recs post later but look just go check out the masterlist and luxuriate in the vids! And [personal profile] claudia603, the one Homicide vid is Lewis-centric and it's wonderful.
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So yeah, no writing commitments for me this November, other than some rl projects, merlinfemfest, and maybe yuletide once those assignments go out. I'm happy for my friends who are getting a lot of writing done though! And excited about some of these giant Merlin fics in particular.

Fleet Radio Audio Commentary )

Yesterday I followed [personal profile] anatsuno's link to [ profile] remopodmo and committed to spending at least three hours a week on podficcing this month, so I started in with that by recording a little of [personal profile] netgirl_y2k fic yesterday! That's going well and I'm looking forward to getting that and a few shorter podfics done this month. I'll be able to check off another [community profile] kink_bingo square. And even though the longer ones are harder and more likely to make GarageBand crash, it does feel good to be making more of those, which are likely to be more satisfying for most listeners.

[ profile] remopodmo is very small and could use more members, btw! It's okay if you missed the first couple days or if you're new to podficcing, as long as you want to make a commitment to record more podfic this month.

[ profile] netgirl_y2k has a good post about Morgana's characterization this season. (Link goes to the second cut on that post, if you scroll up there's a review of the latest episode.) brief Merlin thoughts/feelings and a bit of squee about 3x07 and 3x08 )

If I had lots of time and patience and technical skills and hard drive space and...whatever it is that keeps your computer from crashing, I would try to learn how to vid! I now have four fairly detailed vid bunnies. One of them I won't tell you about because it's totally unoriginal, a song that has probably been vidded a hundred times and a pairing that I think the cool kids tend not to like. Then there are two others I came up with recently that I won't tell you about because I might actually try to do them and I would want them to be a Surprise (or two Surprises!)! But I will tell you the one I thought of last week, which would be to do a Merlin/Morgana vid to the R.E.M. song All the Right Friends.

my hypothetical upbeat shippy vid for two characters who hate each other )

I so do not have the time or other things and I know I shouldn't even be thinking about this, but I will ask anyway: I'm on a MacBook that has iMovie and I have heard some stuff that I don't really understand about different versions of this app. The version that I have says it is version "8.0.6 (821)" and also that it is "iMovie '09". This is okay, right? iMovie '08 is the one to avoid, and that's different from version 8?


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