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Feb. 11th, 2012 09:53 am
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I talk a lot about fanworks about ladies on my journal because it makes me sad when they don't get as much attention. However, there are a lot of male characters I love too! Especially on Merlin!

Merlin, Arthur, and Arthur/Merlin )

Gwaine and Gwaine/Merlin! )

Elyan )

Percival and Leon )

Lancelot )

In conclusion,
knights. (large image) )
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I wasn't sure what I was going to post for the meme today but then I saw these pictures of my President and First Lady with beautiful Ghanaian BABIES and that did it. (I mean just look at bumble bee baby's chubby little ARMS omg!) The crowds in this post are pretty awesome too. [ profile] obama_daily has brought much beauty and happiness to my f-list this year.
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Title: Yes I'll Go with You
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing : Gwen/Morgana
Rating : G
Words: 200
Notes: A few days ago we stopped in a gift shop where [ profile] claudia603 found a mermaid doll that immediately made us think of Gwen from the BBC series Merlin, which we'd been forcing our friends to watch. She decided to buy it along with a matching Morgana doll as inspiration both for an original fic (which is not about mermaids) and for a Merlin AU (which will be). I wrote this double drabble for the AU. Claudia's pic is under the cut -- something that's hard to make out in the picture is that they're both wearing crowns with little hearts on them.

Yes I'll Go with You )
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I really loved watching the inaugural celebration on HBO today, but I just read on [ profile] darkrosetiger's journal that the TV special left out the invocation by Gene Robinson, the first openly gay Episcopal Bishop. I don't know if they had planned to have him on TV or not – apparently there were sound problems – but it's an awful shame. Now everyone will see the new president blessed by a pastor who campaigns against gay people, but they won't see Bishop Robinson or hear this beautiful prayer. I'm reposting the text of it here, with three of the wonderful pictures that [ profile] ladypolitik posted at [ profile] obama_daily tonight.

ETA: [ profile] msilverstar linked to this video:


A Prayer for the Nation and Our Next President, Barack Obama )
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These pictures of the Obamas are not new but they're sure to brighten your day or evening or whatever. I mean seriously, I can't believe how adorable this family is.

I am not actually experiencing Yuletide stress but I use this icon out of sympathy for those of you who are and because I think it's so great. With help from [ profile] claudia603 I finished and uploaded a third story this afternoon, and got a screencap of my name with story number 200. \o/ I know it's pretty meaningless but it's neat to see a big round number like that.

The weather here is very icky tonight. I was out running in the afternoon just as the rain was starting to freeze. A lot of other people were also at the grocery store stocking up since it's going to get worse tonight and tomorrow. Luckily I shouldn't have to go out at all tomorrow. My roommate and I are in for the night and planning to heat up some frozen pizza and maybe make some mulled wine and watch a movie, about which I may or may not then try to write another Yuletide story. o_0

Ooh, and last night I watched the first episode of Merlin! I like it okay so far, will need to watch some more to see whether I really get hooked or not. Merlin is certainly a cutie. I enjoy staring at him and am a total sucker for both his sweetness and his "omg why am I like this?" angst. On the other hand I'm afraid the show in general might be a little too cute for me. Read more... )
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Via [ profile] bunniewabbit, My Interests Collage! )
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Right, so I still haven't uploaded any more of my own pics, but here are a few I've found of the city where I'm studying Polish this month.  Why yes, you should be jealous.

Lublin )


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