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I've been trying to update the FAQ for the Camelot Remix and Camelot Remix 2013 collections on the AO3, but I keep getting a 500 error when I click "Update". Has anyone else run into something like this or have any ideas on what could be wrong? Thanks!

I have put in a support request, but sometimes asking one's friends is quicker. :)
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So idk this is maybe not wise but I can't help it, I really want to sign up for [ profile] merlin_holidays this year!

Merlin Holidays: An Exchange Fest, image of tower in frozen landscape
Sign-ups for [ profile] merlin_holidays begin Sept 24 at 10 am Eastern

This is a mostly-Arthur/Merlin-but-other-pairings-are-okay-too fest in its third year and it is for fic, art, and vids. (I also plan to do the informal Twitter podfic exchange but have decided not to sign up for Yuletide and Festivids. I can do this. I am not out of control.) The comm is on LJ with fic and art posted on the AO3, and you can follow [syndicated profile] merlin_holidays_feed if you prefer to read on Dreamwidth.

Unfortunately I probably won't be able to be on LJ for about 9 hours after signups open tomorrow. Would anybody be free to do a proxy signup for me? I'd send you an email with my info and you could just drop it in an LJ comment tomorrow. (I have it all filled out except for the actual prompts.) ETA: Thanks, I am set! /ETA

Who else is playing?
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Hello friends,

I could use some help finding stories to podfic for [community profile] kink_bingo. In particular, I'm looking for something for my pervertibles square (using things for sex and kink that weren't designed for that) that feature a moresome or poly relationship. I feel like there ought to be some Avengers something! With Thor's hammer or some scientific instruments or whatever? Or Inception or Sherlock or maybe even Teen Wolf... You know, those live-action English language fandoms, I'm familiar with a lot of them, but Avengers is supposed to be all about the poly, right? ETA: I have looked through poly and threesome and other tags on the AO3 and will surely do so again as I work through this bingo, but what I'd especially appreciate from you is links to any individual stories you know of! /ETA ETA2: Found one, yay! /ETA2

I would also appreciate poly/moresome recs for historical roleplay and objectification kink!

And! A story featuring a trans or genderqueer character and either temperature play or sleepiness!

And many other things ha ha. I no longer have much hope of getting a blackout done during the main round. :( My new goal is to finish one bingo (the bottom row) during the round and still go for the blackout during amnesty. Maybe not all the achievements will work out so if you know of good stories for these kinks that don't feature moresomes or trans/genderqueer characters please let me know about those too.

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Okay so it's April! Among other things this means:
-A new round of [community profile] remopodmo to help us all record more podfic for [community profile] amplificathon, [community profile] podficbigbang, or whatever. I always get a ton done during [community profile] remopodmo months. Thank you, [personal profile] cantarina!
-The official start of [community profile] welovepodfic, the Podfic Feedback Challenge, including the week 1 mini-challenge, comment on an old favorite to tell the reader how much it's meant to you.
-Also there will probably be a new challenge at [community profile] kink_bingo! (The mini-challenge post hasn't gone up yet but I'll probably edit this post to link to it when it does.)

Another thing that's happening that started in late March is the People with Disabilities (PWD) Being Awesome Commentwork Fest!, hosted by [personal profile] terajk. You can leave prompts or post fic or drawings or podfic or whatever there.

Hey, speaking of fanworks about people with disabilities, I want to make some! Maybe you can help me. Although I'm paying attention to the [community profile] kink_bingo mini-challenges and doing my best to participate in those, the two big personal goals I've set for myself during this amnesty period are
-finish a blackout of my second bingo card (some images NSFW), and
-make a Characters With Disabilities bingo for the top row of that card.

I only have four squares left to fill for the blackout! One of them is a fic that I'm writing and am pretty sure I can finish. The other three are part of that top row and I don't know how I will fill them yet. Can you help me find stories that I could podfic, featuring characters with disabilities and the kinks vehicular, guns, and body alteration/injury?

more about what I'm looking for )

If podficcing doesn't work out for all the squares maybe I will write something, so I would take fic prompts as well! Especially interesting to me would be prompts involving the ladies of Merlin.

For those of you who don't know me, my main fandom is Merlin and I'm also into Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Community, and a bunch of other fandoms that are listed in my tags.

Thanks so much!
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1. Whee, Purimgifts day 1! You can filter from the day 1 tag, browse by fandom, or just go straight to the lovely Katara & Yue fic written for me, The Moon and the Ocean!

Also chag sameach to those who are celebrating!

2. Hello, Inception fans! You seem to be having a really nice time. I would like to read some Inception fic too but I don't really care for Eames, so that limits things. Feel like giving me some recs? Here are some things I would be interested in:
-fun team genfic, or friendship fic, or a pairing is okay too as long as there is also fun ensembleness (for example I have enjoyed The Adventures of Yusuf, Best Superhero Ever and A Run of Crazy Dreams)
-hurt/comfort with sick or injured Arthur (any pairing or gen)
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-Aaaaaahhhhhh [community profile] purimgifts deadline in less than 15 hours! Well, I feel better about mine right now than I did last night. Have finished the first of the three posts anyway, and have a general idea of what to do with the other two.

Several participants have defaulted and [personal profile] roga could use help with pinch hitters in fandoms including Inception, Leverage, Community, and Treme (SO MANY awesome womens to be written about!). Drop her a comment on DW or LJ if you think you might be able to help out!

-Signups are open for Remix Redux 2011: Love Potion No. 9!! You guys, I am probably not signing up this year because deadlines, but Remix is my favorite! So much fun! Please sign up and I will cheer you on! Yay, Remix!! The challenge is being hosted at the AO3 but you can follow the [ profile] remixers_lounge community for announcements and discussion.

-I finished a draft of my podfic of The Universal Language this weekend! I had an awesome time making it!! Am still hoping I might do a third project for [ profile] podficbigbang since it's another month before they start posting, but we'll see.

I left a comment over at the comm requesting cover art for [ profile] srin's fic, and [ profile] eosrose is hoping an artist can help her out with another big Merlin podfic, [ profile] seperis's Tale of the Sea Serpent. There are also these other requests in other fandoms for art or music/sound effects.
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Which are the Psych episodes with Gus's sister Joy in them, please?

ETA: Is it just the one, "Christmas Joy" from season 3?


Jan. 4th, 2011 11:31 am
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I thought I'd try doing a new podfic today and saw that I'll need to say the word "Idirsholas", which I don't know how to pronounce. Do any of you know? Does it actually get said aloud in the episode or is it just in the title?

ETA: Watched the scene where the farmer and then Gaius say it, thanks Netgirl!
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I've been having such a lovely holiday, you guys. I hope you are too. I've had a really nice balance of family togetherness (not a lot of presents but lots of great food and warmth) and alone-time for fandom stuff. I got a chance to write a Yuletide Treat on Friday, and today I've been reading a lot of great fic and just finished watching Doctor Who. I'll probably do a Yuletide recs post tonight and another later in the week. Yuletide recs are great to have, though mostly I'm just finding stuff by browsing the lists of fandoms and clicking on things that are familiar (plus Claudia emailed me about a fic with one of my kinks - that was awesome!).

You know what I could really use though? Merlin fest fic recs! [ profile] merlinfemfest and [ profile] merlin_holidays and [ profile] camelotsolstice are all posting anon and most of the fics for the last two are the same pairing and I'm totally overwhelmed by it all. Point me to some of favorites please please!

Here are three Merlin fics I've read today, all of them with gentle h/c, shippy rather than porny (not that I'm not also looking for porn) and great for reading on a lazy Sunday or holiday inside:

-We Cannot Live Unbruised by anon at [ profile] merlin_holidays, Arthur/Merlin, 4000 words, PG-13. Leon's POV on a series of h/c scenes between Arthur and Merlin. I was afraid the outsider POV would be cutesy for my taste, but this is a lovely view of a tender and complicated relationship. Plus, h/c. Mmmmm. (Thanks to [personal profile] piscaria for reccing this!)

-Once Upon a Wintertime by anon at [ profile] camelotsolstice, Gwen-centric shippy gen, 2300 words, G. We don't see a lot of Gwen in modern AUs and this is a lovely, warm, simple one, the beginnings of her relationships with Merlin and Arthur and a sense that the future is open. (Thanks to [personal profile] woldy for reccing this!)

-Stay by [ profile] slightlytookish, Merlin/Gwaine, 700 words, PG. Gwaine taking care of Merlin's bruised back. *SIGH OF CONTENTMENT* Thanks to [ profile] slightlytookish for being my friend, and sorry it took me so long to read this!


Dec. 18th, 2010 10:45 am
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Good luck to my friends who are finishing up your Yuletide and other fest fics this weekend! Let me know if I can help you by betaing or talking through some ideas.

I dropped out of the one holiday fest I was in and I'm feeling guilty and sad and at loose ends. I'd like to try writing some drabbles to break out of my not-writing inertia. I would love some drabble prompts in any fandoms I know, especially of the short kind that have three words, one or two of which can be character names (ex. "Gwen Freya burn"), or else five thingses.

(I know that I didn't finish most of the prompts people gave me last time I did this and that there are thousands of requests at Yuletide and other places that I could be working on. Just, um.)

Other things I would appreciate:
-ideas for what to do with the "humiliation (in public)" and "piercings/needleplay" squares on my [community profile] kink_bingo card (suggestions of podficcable stories would be great)
-a heads up (could be an anon comment) if/when the [ profile] merlinfemfest entry made for me gets posted, so I'll know to thank the creator even if it's posted "for the community"
-recs from [ profile] merlinfemfest, [ profile] merlin_holidays, eventually [ profile] camelotsolstice, and other fests
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Hey all, I'm finally getting started with that Merlin remix challenge I've talked about a few times. I'm thinking signups in another week or so and fics due in October (a shorter writing period to beat the holiday rush). Announcements will be crossposted at [personal profile] camelotremix/[ profile] camelotremix and the fics will be hosted at the AO3.

Both journals and the AO3 are completely bare-bones right now. Anybody feel like making up a layout or a banner for publicity? Or maybe just pointing me in the direction of an OT4 or Camelot icon for posting over there?

Is anyone interested in co-modding? Or if that sounds like too much commitment, anybody up for helping me get things set up this week? I wrote a draft of a FAQ post this morning and would like to have a friend or two read it over before I put it up.

Thank you!
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Hey guys, what songs do you think of when you think of bound wrists?

[ profile] baranduin wants to fill the "bondage (wrist/ankle restraints)" square on her [community profile] kink_bingo with her first fanvid and is looking for music ideas. The subject would be Evgeni Plushenko, possibly paired with Johnny Weir, so I'd guess references to ice or cold or Russia would also be good, but the main thing is bondage. Please comment with your ideas!

Also, Merlin fans, please help me decide what to do with my "confined/caged" square! Poll on Dreamwidth only because crossposting them is too difficult. (Poll mentions noncon situations but only in a vague way.) ticky box )

Thank you!
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I loved seeing Alice in Wonderland on Tuesday! I saw it without the 3D and I think that's just as well, there was so much interesting to look at I don't know how well I would have handled an extra dimension. Mostly though I loved the character of Alice and her getting to be the protagonist, in contrast to what happens with women in most of the things I've watched lately.

Okay, here is a version of a post I meant to make two weeks ago: tomorrow I might meet some people to see another movie, Shutter Island. (That other thing I mentioned is going to happen on Sunday instead.) Have any of you seen this? I can't decide whether I should go. I have a big crush Mark Ruffalo and I like Leo DiCaprio okay. More importantly I have a big kink for stories about insane asylums and such (my longest fic is about Frodo getting shut up in one omg - that doesn't even make sense but I wrote it anyway because I'm that obsessed).

On the other hand I don't usually handle horror movies well. Too scary, and I am a big wimp! I walked out of the theater halfway through I Am Legend because I couldn't handle the tension. And the gore was probably the main reason I finally quit watching Supernatural (though the misogyny and racism were also wearing!). Sometimes even the vampirism in Being Human is a bit much for me. There are a few scary movies I have liked - 28 Days Later, Zodiac (&hearts Mark Ruffalo!), Silence of the Lambs, the sequel Red Dragon even though it wasn't as good. I don't know! What should I do, f-list??
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I think this might be my first poll since I started crossposting. We'll see how that works.

Poll #2445 Alice?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 2

What Movie should I go see this afternoon?

View Answers

Alice in Wonderland (plain) for $5
0 (0.0%)

Alice in Wonderland in Disney Digital 3D for $8
0 (0.0%)

Alice in Wonderland: An IMAX 3D Experience for $9
1 (50.0%)

Some other movie for $5
0 (0.0%)

None! Stay home and do your work!
1 (50.0%)

So, porn.

Oct. 1st, 2009 05:34 pm
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Who's got some practical advice on how to write good sex scenes? Say, for someone who hasn't tried it in a while and is feeling reticent. Links to other essays and discussions would also be lovely.
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This morning I accidentally dropped my backpack that had my beloved laptop Kimiko in it in the street. It's still working fine but one corner of the casing is a little dinged up and some of the paint is chipping off. I just backed up the files on my external hard drive.

I've only had this computer (a Toshiba Satellite) for a year and a half and it's been great for what I need it for but I'm a little worried about how banged up it's gotten. Also its battery only lasts about 25 minutes these days, so it's getting less and less practical for taking places. Of course I could get it a new battery, but I've been thinking about whether I should try getting a new computer instead rather than lugging this one around all the time and worrying it might actually crack up one of these days.

I've been thinking about Macbooks and how pretty they are and how Mac people are so cultish snobbish enthusiastic about them. I've heard they're sturdier, and that would certainly be a good thing. But then I look at the prices and I think, okay, technically I could maybe afford to spend that much money, but how do I justify it when I could get a PC laptop for half of that? Mac people, can you help me?

So then on the other hand I think about these new mini-laptops, netbooks, which are around 3 pounds and $300 and cute. I guess they're mostly supposed to be for the Internet but I could install a word processor on it too, and that would pretty much take care of the stuff that I do when I take my laptop to campus or a coffee shop (reading and writing). Then I could keep Kimiko at home for reading and writing but also watching movies and TV shows, and it wouldn't get so banged up. Anything PC would also probably be more compatible with school/work computers than a Mac. Maybe the small keyboard would make typing on a netbook uncomfortable though, I don't know.

What do you think?

ETA: My eyesight is not awesome. I mean, it's not bad, I wear glasses and they're okay but I still really hate small type and lack of contrast. Does that make a difference? Do netbooks make type any smaller or do they keep it the same size so you just have to scroll more? What's with Apple's website and all the gray-on-white text? Are the computers like that too, when you're doing...operating system type stuff?

ETA2: If you've got all your files on a PC (Mostly Office documents but also PDFs pictures and some videos and other things), how easy is it to transfer them to a Mac?
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Season 2/2.5 confusion, help please!

ETA: Resolved, thank you!
Read more... )
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Could someone please link me to a seriously nice picture of Orlando Bloom, suitable for posting at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs to remind people of their favorite Orlando-centric fics?

ETA: [ profile] mews1945 to the rescue! I'm good now, thank you!
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I watched Day Zero last week. Didn't really care for the movie but I seem to be writing a drabble set about it, so that's fun. I'm not finished with it yet but let me know if you'd like to beta five or six hundred words for me.

Also finished watching season three of the new Doctor Who. Now that I'm mostly caught up with the new episodes I'd like to check out some of the classic ones but not, you know, all of them. Can any of you recommend some really good serials from the old days (especially Tom Baker era)? The only one I've seen so far is City of Death.

What about fic recs? I'd really like to read vague season three talk )
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I sometimes get stuck in this rut where something happens that feels too huge for me to write about it, but then posting about other random stuff without acknowledging the huge thing also seems wrong, so then I just stop posting and I get very lonely. It's crazy! And it can happen just as easily for good things (last year's Houston moot, after which I didn't post for two weeks) as for bad (Fanlib, journal suspensions omg). So anyway.

Well, it is nice to see [ profile] pornish_pixies back without the strike through their name. The fandom and fiction journals that were suspended are being brought back. I love that [ profile] pornish_pixies replaced all their interests with "the internet's for porn" and are hosting a smutfest to celebrate their triumphant return. And I love that almost every time I refresh the profile at [ profile] fandom_counts, a few more fans have signed up. I love fandom!

LJ not so much. )

I'm very hopeful about the [ profile] fanarchive project and want to support and use it once it gets off the ground, but I'm wondering if I should be putting my fics somewhere else in the meantime. Not that I expect anything to happen to this journal, just that it's nice to have a backup, and I know some people prefer to read on archives.

Also, I can't get the ljArchive thing to work to save my journal on my own computer. I can download the program fine, but when I try to run it it says that it won't work because my computer doesn't have the .NET framework. And I'm supposed to be able to get that from Windows Updates or find the link from the ljArchive site, and it's probably something really obvious but I can't find it and I feel dumb. :( Help? Um, got the NET thing (thanks, [ profile] b_briarwood) but it still isn't working to archive the journal. Eh. Will try again tomorrow.


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