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I was more fannish in 2017 than in 2016, though it was the first year since I got into fandom in 2005 that I didn't write any fic. Three significant things I did this year were:
  • finishing archiving my old podfics

  • attending [community profile] podfication

  • getting interested in Star Wars

2017 in review )

So! Fannish resolutions for 2018:
  • make ten Dreamwidth or Tumblr posts, of which
    • five are not fanworks posts, and

    • five are not in January or December

  • make ten fanworks, of which
    • one is a fic, and

    • one is a podfic of more than an hour

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Hello, LJ and Dreamwidth! This is me trying to get over not posting inertia by making a short post (using my phone, even!). After all I Tweet just about every day, so why go for almost a year without posting here?

Also I can go ahead and take care of something else that usually takes me a lot of words around this time of year: I have no year-in-fic or year-in-podfic meme to share because I didn't write any fic or make any podfic this year. I also barely read any fic or listened to any podfic this year.

The one big fannish thing I did do this year was to go to Minneapolis for [community profile] podfication in October. This was a late decision on my part but a super great one. The organizers did a fabulous job balancing programming with free conversation and opportunities for making things. I loved getting to see folks I'd met at previous Minnesota gatherings and meet some dear online friends like [personal profile] yue_ix and [personal profile] cantarina in person for the first time, and in general getting to hang out with so many kind, creative queer women and others. Even though I'm not a person who makes podfic these days I sure love the podfic community.

This year has had a lot of good stuff for me personally even though it's been mostly horrible for my country and planet. Maybe I will make some other posts about that soon.


Jun. 29th, 2013 10:09 am
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Hey folks, I'll be on the road for most of the next five weeks, and might not be checking this email at all this next week, but I'll get back to you eventually.

[Oh hey, an hour after I posted this I remembered that I'll be able to access these accounts with my iPod Touch, so never mind I guess! :)]

CONvergence attendees, if you tweet @sophinisba I should get a text message, and a couple of you will have my phone number. I'm planning on showing up Friday morning.

<3 <3
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Hello! I only slept about two hours last night but surprisingly am feeling pretty good now. I got all my traveling out of the way this morning and Lora and I have had a relaxing afternoon watching BSG and talking about fandom, waiting for [ profile] beruscats, [ profile] claudia603, and [ profile] hanarobi to arrive later tonight.

I meant to do another Yuletide recs post but I haven't had time to read much in the last couple days, so just a couple quick links tonight:

Paul Simon songs:
Down By The Schoolyard has a great narrative voice and actually makes the lyrics to "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" make sense.

How We Begin to Remember does an amazing job weaving together elements from lots of different songs on one of my all-time favorite albums, Graceland.

There are lots of other fics for songs by Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles, Amanda Palmer, and others. Here is the list of fandoms.

National Public Radio:
Wait Wait Don't Eat Me is Wait Wait Don't Tell Me for the zombie apocalypse.

I would also like to call everyone's attention to the Archive of Our Own's Zombies tag.

Oh oh and!
A great [ profile] camelotsolstice fic you may have missed, Moment of Yew, 26,000 words of plotty gen with surprising magic and OT4 love.
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I missed yesterday so I'm one post behind, will catch up some other time.

Today I'm happy that so many of my friends were able to get together this past weekend and especially that you all had a good party for [ profile] mews1945. Moots are so awesome. I'm really glad you guys had a good time..

I'm happy for the fans who are going to Azkatraz next weekend.

I've never been to a con but that's probably just as well because I think I would have been stressed. :) I'm happy for the chances I've had to meet up with other fans in Houston in 2006 and 2007, Chicago in 2007, and Seattle the last two years, plus the extra little meet-ups I've had with [ profile] danae_b and [ profile] claudia603. I love interacting with you all online but it's been a completely different feeling since I started getting to meet you in person too.


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