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Authors' names are up for the [ profile] remixthedrabble lightning round. It was a little complicated because we were each supposed to write for three other people and only four people signed up, but not all of us have matching fandoms. But [ profile] trascendenza the mod and everyone else was flexible and we ended up with 14 ficlets rather than 12, which is great.

(Sign-ups are now open for the next round and I'm thinking I'll probably sit this one out, what with that larger remix I need to write in the next couple weeks, but if enough of you sign up I'm sure I'll cave.)

[ profile] dreams_power wrote Soothing Presence (The Lost and Found Remix), perfectly handled River side of a Kaylee drabble I wrote recently.

[ profile] trascendenza wrote Is That So? (Process of Elimination Remix), wonderfully funny and also sexy 200-word remix of a "You See, I Woke Up Gay", a Jayne/Simon crack ficlet I did a while back.

And [ profile] tinheart did an awesome tragic job with Invictus (Fallen Heroes Remix), a drabble remix of one of my Pan's Labyrinth drabbles. (Like the original, it spoils for the end of the movie, so be careful of that.)

Here are the ones I wrote:

Brokeback Mountain fandom: Jack/Ennis | G | 100 words
Original story: Sepia III (f-locked) by [ profile] theswearingkind, 710 words.
(Sepia is a beautifully written series of "Snapshots of what could have been" in which Jack and Ennis buy that little ranch, like Jack used to talk about.)
Brothers (The Happy Beginning Remix) )

Firefly fandom: Kaylee/Inara | PG-13 PWP | 102 words
Original story: Lovely by [ profile] trascendenza, 102 words.
([ profile] trascendenza's original was seventeen lines of six words each, and mine is six lines of seventeen words each.)
Lovely (The Six Times Seventeen Remix) )

Firefly/Lord of the Rings: Sam Gamgee and the Serenity crew | very G | 200 words
Original story: Five Worlds That Never Collided With The Firefly 'Verse (part 1) by [ profile] danachan, 200 words.
(This is one of the ways we got to be flexible.)
One World That Never Collided With The Firefly 'Verse (The Gamgee Remix) )


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