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[personal profile] leish asked me to talk about "a story you would really like to read that doesn't exist yet, or doesn't exist quite how you want it to" for the 17th.

stories about girls )

Then I was going to complain about this other pairing that scandalously had no fics for it last time I looked, but now there is ONE so I'm going to go read that, hooray!
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-Last night I went back on Tumblr after a hiatus provoked by rumors of Merlin spoilers. There were no Merlin spoilers and there were lots of pretty pictures, and it seemed to me that more of them had image descriptions than last time I was on, so triple yay.

-[community profile] kink_bingo is starting up again on June 1st. I hadn't been so excited but with the ramp-up posts and new kinks and changes to the rules and all of that now I am. I especially loved [personal profile] pinesandmaples's and [personal profile] rooibos's essay Opening the door, or how fanfic changes everything about what finding kink on the Internet has meant in their lives.

-[ profile] lgbtq_recs is also starting up again on June 1st and could use recommenders. I've found out about a lot of cool stuff through this comm.

-[community profile] dark_agenda is planning the first Kaleidoscope Fanwork Exchange for rare fandoms with chromatic creators and characters.

-[personal profile] themadlurker made An Incomplete and Highly Subjective List of Reasons Why I Love the AO3. Yay AO3!!!

-In less squee-inducing news, [personal profile] facetofcathy linked to a really interesting essay about working with mostly white feminist organizations who wanted to help adding more diversity (until they realized that would mean doing things differently and prioritizing the needs of women of color): White Feminist Privilege in Organizations.
sophinisba: Wee Gwen admires wee Merlin's magic! (gwen merlin by el_jamon)
I am so happy with the remix of my story "Be So Bold", you guys. I'd been reading some of the other CamelotRemix fics earlier in the week before they went public, but I'd promised the author of this one that I'd wait until the reveal, and I did, and it just made me so happy, it was like a great reward for setting things up and making the challenge go live on Thursday.

There are lots of really great stories though, a lot of unusual ones and things I feel like we don't see enough of in the fandom. They make me think of times I or my friends have said, "Gosh, I wish fandom would give me more..." So here is a post to help you find them! There are other fics that I enjoyed and I still haven't read most of them, so I'll probably do another recs post or two in the next few days! Then I will try to remember to come back and add in author names after the reveal.

I wish fandom would give me more stories about queer people like me (and also more Merlin/Will)!
Be So Bold (The Boys' Own Remix) by Anonymous (Merlin/Will, teen, 2303w, remix of [personal profile] sophinisba)
So there was background Merlin/Will in my Gwen/Morgana backpacking fic. This one brings out that background pairing and also gives a different perspective on the original pairing, which is one of my favorite ways of seeing remixes done. I love Merlin observing Morgana and "Morgana's Gwen"/"the object of Morgana's worldly desires", and I love the idea of him and Will as a young gay couple from a small town, exploring Prague and figuring out what kind of couple they're going to be on their travels. It's not talking about nudity like mine was but it's another kind of exposure, deciding things like whether to hold hands in public. And it's all done in such a sweet and subtle way and it pretty much made me melt (or, as a friend was telling me in chat, made me feel all goopy). ♥

I wish fandom would talk about class once in a while (and give me AUs about the girls, and explicit femslash) )

I wish fandom would give me moar tentacles (and thoughtful animal transformation stories) )

I wish fandom would give me more historical AUs, and also more 'what if?' AUs )

I wish remixes would give me more porn (like especially bottom!Arthur gangbang porn)! )


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