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I've really been enjoying the drabbling I've been doing for [ profile] writing_game this week. I think their rules work better for me than [ profile] fanfic100 and similar comms because there is a structure and an order (which keeps it from being, like, "Do whatever you want," which would lead to me not doing anything) but they allow you to switch fandoms periodically, which means I don't get sick of what I'm doing and it helps me get remixable in more fandoms quickly – not that I've ever seen anyone offer to write Children of Men at a remix. :) I get a nice feeling of accomplishment from getting points and moving through the game, which I think helps keep me from getting anxious the way I usually do about whether they'll get comments.

[ profile] remixthedrabble is going well, I think! A few people have already sent in their submissions and I've seen on a few people's journals that they're making progress. So far I've written two out of the three drabbles I signed up to write and I have an idea of what to do for the third. I have been a strict mod and sent back a 96-word submission as unacceptable! (Google Docs apparently has a wonkier word counter than Microsoft Word.) So far it's been fun. I suppose the stress will come right at the end when a ton of submissions are coming in at once and we find out how many defaulted. But I put in a few days' leeway before we need to start posting, and of course this is a pretty easy thing for a pinch-hitter to do quickly.

I did an f-list trim this morning. I'd never really done that before! I mean, I'd occasionally cut one or two people before but this was actually going through and like, tidying up, noticing the people who'd unfriended me without my noticing, and a couple people who've stopped posting or whom I haven't communicated with in years. I unjoined some communities. It felt kind of nice, to tell the truth. (But if you think I've made a horrible mistake by cutting you, do send me an e-mail and we'll talk.) I've also friended a few new people recently. *waves*

I've been trying to figure out what to do with my Dreamwidth account. I think I want to import my LJ there before I start crossposting, and I want to wait until the mass screening of imported OpenID comments thing is available before I import. Also, I want to wait until they offer some journal layouts I like or make customizing layouts really easy before I start using it a lot. For now though I've got a reading list and I read it most days. Maybe when I start crossposting from Dreamwidth I will quit crossposting to InsaneJournal.

I also have a Twitter account. I don't really "get" Twitter but I've been trying to use it more, so, you know, if you're very curious about what TV I'm watching any particular evening or whatever, there's that.

Another thing I use inconsistently is Delicious. For a little while there I was being sort of conscientious about bookmarking the awesome Merlin fics I was reading, but then I got lazy and now it don't usually think of it. If anyone would like to explain to me what a Delicious network is for and how to use it I would appreciate that. Maybe if I can think of it as a social thing I'll remember to do it more often.

I've fallen behind both with reading and reviewing for [ profile] 50books_poc! I'm up to 18 books now which is almost on track for doing 50 in the calender year, but I've only finished one book so far this month and I haven't reviewed that or the four I read in April. :( Anyway, Jackie Kay is awesome -- I just finished a book of her short stories called Wish I Was Here and I loved it, though not as much as her novel Trumpet, which I read in March. Am close to finishing The Golden Road, a memoir by Caille Milner, which is pretty good although not as good as I thought it would be when I was on the first chapter. I'm only a little way into Barack Obama's Dreams from My Father which is seriously great. I mean, I had heard it was well written and insightful and everything and we all know he's a smart man, but the writing is seriously beautiful and I'm enjoying it so much.
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There's a meme I saw last night in which you post every day in August about something that makes you happy. I didn't pick it up because I don't think I can handle posting every day, but today I decided that if I bend the rules a bit I should be okay, so my plan is to post about something that makes me happy for every day in August, and I won't feel bad if I miss a day here and there (because goodness knows I don't need guilt over the happiness meme). I am looking forward to this.

1. Yesterday I set up a delicious account! I am having so much fun with it! I save bookmarks of things I have written and things I have read and things I intend to read, and I can see whether other people have saved the same thing. I can search other people's bookmarks to find fics and other interesting things! I know this is very old hat to some people, and some are annoyed with the new interface, but for me it's all very exciting.

And a nice surprise for my ego: in the past I had read conversations where people said what fun it was to see their own fics bookmarked by others, to see what tags and notes had been used. And I thought, Eeyore-like, Ah well I am not famous enough to have that happen to me and anyway nobody in my fandoms uses delicious. However! Last night I saved my own Yuletide fics, and it turned out other people had already saved them! There were even some nice positive comments, especially on the long one I worked so hard on last November and December. Wow!

2. Lots of people have been reccing fics featuring original characters at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs in the last week and a half, including a couple people who hadn't participated there before. Also I had a really nice e-mail last week from someone I didn't know requesting that we do a femslash challenge. Sometimes I get glum and think that nobody cares about that comm anymore so it is really awesome to know that other folks are paying attention. Plus, someone besides me wants femslash! Now I must go rec something myself and then put up the post closing the challenge. Yay!


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