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Yesterday [personal profile] eruthros and [personal profile] thingswithwings posted the Round Four Prize Announcements, including the Arbitrary Mod Prizes. This works as an arbitrary recs list of some of the exciting things posted at [community profile] kink_bingo this June-September, and I was thrilled to get a prize for Best Praxis for my essay about the kinkiness of podfic and my verbally humiliating Azula/Ty Lee podfic. Thank you mods! Look at the sexy banner [personal profile] eruthros made me under the cut!

prize banner )

I am also getting ready to run a podfic for beginners workshop at the [ profile] pornspiration comm on LJ next week. I was thinking a series of posts over the course of the week. Let me know if you have suggestions or would like to help out (or make a promo banner)! Anyone over 18 can join the comm, they just keep posts locked for the sake of teambuilding and all.

some pro-Dreamwidth anti-LJ grumbling )

La la la. Oh hey speaking of user interfaces, how about the new gmail? I'm keeping my sophinisba account the same for now (cherry blossoms!) but on my other account I switched to the new look and the Oceans theme. It's so pretty! I love the bit of translucency and the way the modules sometimes seem to be floating over the background - I find it very soothing (even though I don't like being on boats etc. in real life).

Okay so back to podfic talk! The reason I want to do that workshop next week is that it'll overlap with [community profile] pod_aware/[ profile] pod_aware! Mod [personal profile] paraka and friends have been working on some podfic meta podcasts that will be posted then, and I'm looking forward to hearing how those turn out. (I will tell you a secret: I spend a lot more time listening to non-fandom podcasts these days than podfics. I find the conversation style easier to follow when I'm riding the bus or whatever than a fic. There are times when I listen to a lot of podfic but I am not doing that now.) [personal profile] paraka would also like to emphasize that you don't have to be a podfic maker to participate in this. You might be someone who likes to listen to podfic, or an author who is okay with people making podfics of their work. As far as I understand it, all you have to do is post something during the week (the something could be a fic or a picspam and doesn't need to be podfic-related) and include a little blurb and a link to a post at the comm. It should be fun and will help us out.

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My computer's in the shop for a few days and my iPod touch doesn't work (has never worked, drives me crazy ugh ugh), so if you want me to see something please email.

It's weird how other people's computer woes posts are so boring but when it's your own computer (my own computer) it's like my life turned upside-down. I hate feeling so cut off! And even other things that it occurs to me to do - listen to music, watch a movie, any of that, are things I would normally do with my computer. I don't have a TV, got rid of my CD player last time I moved, etc. Can't charge my iPod without a computer! Argh. What is this you guys I'm being forced to read books!?!

But right now I shall attempt to read twenty porn fics on a university computer. [ profile] summerpornathon participation points, I care about them.

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So in the latest [site community profile] dw_news post, [staff profile] denise requested that people who want to talk about how great Dreamwidth is focus on the positive rather than beating up on LJ, and [personal profile] rydra_wong linked to this Dreamwidth meme post by [personal profile] shanaqui, which is a couple weeks old but which I'd missed. So I'm doing it now, with a few alterations!

[personal profile] shanaqui's meme:
Favourite thing(s) you think everyone should know about DW:
Favourite feature(s) that is/are unique to DW:
Favourite comm(s) on DW:
Comm(s) I wish would get more attention:
Favourite user(s): ha ha no too personal
The kind of comms I'm looking for:
The kind of people I'd like to befriend:

Common misconception(s) about Dreamwidth:
Dreamwidth thing(s) I feel ambivalent about:

my answers )

What about you? What do you like best? What do you not like so much? I've seen some LJ friends mention that they don't like the different terminology for the same/similar things - are your reasons around the friends/circle thing the same as mine or is there other stuff I'm not thinking of?
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I sometimes get stuck in this rut where something happens that feels too huge for me to write about it, but then posting about other random stuff without acknowledging the huge thing also seems wrong, so then I just stop posting and I get very lonely. It's crazy! And it can happen just as easily for good things (last year's Houston moot, after which I didn't post for two weeks) as for bad (Fanlib, journal suspensions omg). So anyway.

Well, it is nice to see [ profile] pornish_pixies back without the strike through their name. The fandom and fiction journals that were suspended are being brought back. I love that [ profile] pornish_pixies replaced all their interests with "the internet's for porn" and are hosting a smutfest to celebrate their triumphant return. And I love that almost every time I refresh the profile at [ profile] fandom_counts, a few more fans have signed up. I love fandom!

LJ not so much. )

I'm very hopeful about the [ profile] fanarchive project and want to support and use it once it gets off the ground, but I'm wondering if I should be putting my fics somewhere else in the meantime. Not that I expect anything to happen to this journal, just that it's nice to have a backup, and I know some people prefer to read on archives.

Also, I can't get the ljArchive thing to work to save my journal on my own computer. I can download the program fine, but when I try to run it it says that it won't work because my computer doesn't have the .NET framework. And I'm supposed to be able to get that from Windows Updates or find the link from the ljArchive site, and it's probably something really obvious but I can't find it and I feel dumb. :( Help? Um, got the NET thing (thanks, [ profile] b_briarwood) but it still isn't working to archive the journal. Eh. Will try again tomorrow.


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