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ETA (Jan 8, 2017) I'm currently (actively re-)engaged in the process of 1. uploading my old podfics to webspace generously hosted by [personal profile] paraka and 2. creating pages for them at the AO3, and will update this post when I have finished. As of today, approximately half my podfics are available on the AO3. All of them are listed in this index, which mostly links to old Dreamwidth posts. Please let me know if you have trouble with the download links. /ETA.

Here are links to my podfics! If you're looking for a podfic that's not listed here, try the podfic tag. If you're looking for fic written by me, the best place is [ profile] sophinisba, but I also have an out-of-date fic index that mostly links to journal entries.

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Here is a list of links to all the fic I've written!

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