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Title: low Sky
Original text erased: On Shores Below a Crumbling Sky
Erased by: [personal profile] sophinisba
Original text by: [ profile] vialethe
Fandom (of original text): Firefly
Fandom (of erasure): Firefly
Word count: 149
Contains: Character death
Notes: So this is what I made for [ profile] erasureathon! All the words are taken in order from ViaLethe's fic, which is River-centric and takes place post-BDM.

This was a lot of fun to do! I have mixed feelings about the finished product because on the one hand I don't think it makes much sense on its own. But on the other hand River Tam often says things that don't make sense to the rest of us. I think she would enjoy erasure poetry, seriously! Maybe I will do another one of these before the deadline next month.

Links: at erasurethon on LJ, at the AO3
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Title: Navigations
Author: [personal profile] solvent
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: PG-13
Contains: reference to canon threats of sexual assault
Author's summary: "Kaylee, post 'Objects in Space'."
Reader's notes: Recorded for the "consent play" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card. This is not a playful story but I think it works. Thanks to [ profile] rubynye for suggesting it!
File info: mp3, 2.9 mb, 6:25 minutes, 3.0 MB
Download/streaming link: Navigations on MediaFire

I'm also trying to embed the audio here on Dreamwidth but am having some technical difficulties. *crosses fingers*

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Title: Impersonal
Author: [personal profile] anna_bird
Fandom: Firefly
Characters/Pairing: Inara/Zoe
Rating: NC-17
Contains: sex toys, sex work, reference to canon character death
Reader's notes: For the "fucking machines" square on my [community profile] kink_bingo card. (Completes a bingo yay!) I am having some trouble with my computer fan interfering with sound quality, but I hope folks will still enjoy this.
File info: mp3, 24 minutes
Download links:
-Impersonal at MediaFire
-file at MediaFire with my other recent podfics
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I've got 2 hours and 13 minutes of new podfic up at [community profile] chromatic_podfic! Thank you authors and betas and mods and cheerleaders!

Title: Still Flying True
Author: [personal profile] livrelibre
Fandom: Firefly
Characters/Pairing: Zoe/River
Content notes: Reference to canon character death, mental illness and abuse. Significant age difference in pairing.
Length: 13 minutes

Title: Serenade
Author: [personal profile] trascendenza
Fandom: Psych
Characters/Pairing: Gus/Shawn
Content notes: Intoxication, singing.
Length: 21 minutes

Title: It's The Thought That Counts
Author: [personal profile] thedeadparrot
Fandom: Harold and Kumar
Characters/Pairing: Harold/Kumar
Content notes: Drug use.
Length: 11 minutes

Title: Independence Wars
Author: [personal profile] kerrypolka
Fandom: West Side Story
Characters/Pairing: Maria (gen)
Length: 18 minutes

Title: Mr & Mrs Smith (Go To Lyrae)
Author: [personal profile] significantowl
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairing: Ten/Martha
Length: 29 minutes

Title: Intersection
Author: [personal profile] redsnake05
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters/Pairing: Toshiko (gen)
Content notes: Tattooing; reference to canon violence, character death, and imprisonment; antagonistic view of Martha Jones (but listen to Owl's fic and it'll cheer you up!).
Music credit: "10 Segundos" by La Portuaria
Length: 40 minutes

Download mp3s of any of these or a podbook (m4b) of all six at the comm! Firefly, Psych, Harold and Kumar, West Side Story, Doctor Who and Torchwood Podfics by Sophinisba
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Here are the ficlets I wrote for [ profile] remixthedrabble! I did two regular assignments and then added four extras in the last few days. I got to try out some fandoms and characters I hadn't written before and I had a great time with it.

Lord of the Rings: Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix)
Galadriel, Arwen/Aragorn, rated PG, 200 words
Remix of Night of Love (scroll down), by [ profile] lindahoyland
Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix) )

The Faculty: Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix)
Casey/Randy (Claudia's OMC), Casey/Zeke, rated R, 200 words, warning for partner violence
Remix of In the Garden of After: Bright Angel, by [ profile] claudia603
Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix) )

Doctor Who: Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix)
Tish and Martha Jones, rated G, 150 words
Remix of Sucks to Be You, by [ profile] studyofrunning
Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix) )

Doctor Who/Firefly crossover: Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix)
Ninth Doctor/TARDIS/Kaylee, rated G, 200 words
Remix of Springs and Circuits, by [ profile] lotus0kid
Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix) )

Supernatural/Heroes crossover: Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix)
Dean/Mohinder, rated R, 400 words
Remix of Achieving Nirvana, by [ profile] emmademarais
Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix) )

Heroes: Delivery (In from the Cold Remix)
AU Maya and Gabriel, rated PG, 500 words
Remix of Warm Thoughts, by [ profile] razycrandomgirl
Delivery (In from the Cold Remix) )
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Hey you guys, round 5 of [ profile] remixthedrabble is live!! It's the largest round yet, with 114 ficlets of between 100 and 1000 words in 47 different fandoms! (Yes, including LotR and The Faculty). We aren't doing anonymous posting this round, so I'll probably repost the fics I wrote here later today, but for now I'll just point you to their tag.

I had three different people remix me in three different fandoms! I'm so excited!
-[ profile] emmademarais wrote Incense (The Honey Remix), a lovely sweet Kaylee/Inara off my first Firefly ficlet. (Did you hear that, [ profile] gamerchick? OTP!)
-greenapple wrote Climate Change, a gorgeous poem in 100 words off a haiku series I did for [ profile] haikuathon last year – the only Northern Exposure piece in the remix!
-[ profile] were_lemur wrote Let No One Put Asunder -- the Other Sister remix, Padma's POV on my Parvati fic, quiet and achy and very sisterly.

Other remixees who might be on your f-lists include [ profile] claudia603, [ profile] rubynye and [ profile] hyel. You can get to them through the Index post, tags, or memories (and to be updated soon: delicious), as you prefer. I'm sure all the authors would love to hear from you.

Um, in other news, I have caved and gone back to a paid LJ account. Eh, my displeasure with their policies is no longer as strong as my desire for more icons and notification subscriptions. I feel like I gave a IJ a good try and I'll continue to crosspost there so I can have a backup of my journal, but my community's here on LJ and I'm here every day, so I figure I might as well pay a little bit for the service and enjoy myself more.
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Authors' names were revealed at [ profile] remixthedrabble last night. I wrote four ficlets and had four written based on my stories, adding up to seven different authors I interacted with in eight different fandoms! I believe all three of these authors were writing in fandoms they haven't written in before, and they did a fantastic job. I enjoyed this round so much.

[ profile] exeterlinden wrote
- Five Secrets About River (The Just Beneath Surface Remix), Firefly, 176 words, remix of "Five Things River Tam Secretly Knows about the Serenity Crew".
- Spring (The New Leaf Remix), LOTR: Frodo/Merry, 100 words, remix of "Family and Friends"

[ profile] ibonekoen wrote
-Never Figure You Out, The Faculty: Casey and Zeke, 500 words, remix of "Nobody Else".

And [ profile] lady_smith wrote
-The Mandrake's Tale (Selfish, Stubborn Remix), Pan's Labyrinth, 101 words, remix of "Clean Up This Mess".

I wrote
-Fragments (The Tattered Pages Remix), Heroes: Nathan and Peter, 102 words, remix of these tattered pages by [ profile] takethesky87.
-My Kind of Dream (The Sharing Is Caring Remix), Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy/Faith, 200 words, remix of The Kind of Dream You'd Never Share by [ profile] sinandmisery.
-Witness (The History of Violence Remix), Harry Potter, Augusta and Neville, 200 words, remix of A History of Violence by [ profile] amathela.
-His Hands (Returning Remix), M*A*S*H: B.J./Peg, 300 words, remix of Hands by [ profile] iamsab.

One of the most amusing parts of this whole thing meeting [ profile] iamsab in the AIM chat room set up for [ profile] remixredux08 participants and not giving away that I'd been reading and remixing her for this other challenge. :D

Speaking of which, I need to rec a Doctor Who (Ten and Martha) fic and two remixes I had nothing to do with. For the full effect, read all three. (Don't worry, they're short and full of awesome!)
-Savile Row by [ profile] iamsab
-Threads (The Backstitch in Time Remix) by [ profile] eve11 in [ profile] remixthedrabble
-Savile Row (The Glass Menagerie Remix) by anonymous in [ profile] remixredux08

ALSO. There is probably going to be a mini-round of [ profile] remixthedrabble sometime soon in which we will remix the remixes. It will be open to people who have participated in past rounds and it will be confusing and fabulous.

LGBT fic!

Apr. 22nd, 2008 12:32 pm
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Posting started at [ profile] lgbtfest on April 10th and will be continuing through May 27th. This is "a fest for fanfic that focuses on the experience of being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender."

I really like the way the posting is set up, similar to [ profile] choc_fic, it's spread out over a month or more, so there are tons of fics but it's not overwhelming like having them all show up on the same day. They just show up on my f-list every few hours, and even though a lot of them are for fandoms I don't know it makes me happy to see them there. You can see what's already been posted by paging back or use the tags to browse by fandom. I'm really enjoying the ones I've been reading! I remember some people worrying that a lot of these fics would be preachy or boring but the ones I've read have been nicely paced and had a lot of humor.

My two favorites of what I've read so far:
-Carbon, Pressure, Time by [ profile] lilacsigil. Firefly: Simon and Mal, PG. Prompt: "No one knows that Mal used to have woman parts, and no one needs to. But when he needs medical attention, Simon finds out, and he doesn't understand why it needs to be a secret. After all, everyone on the ship knows who's rutting whom."
-Constructing Selves by [ profile] nevermindirah. Torchwood: Toshiko, PG-13. Prompt: "When she doesn't understand something, Toshiko researches; and she doesn't understand how she could have fallen in love with Mary and still be attracted to men." I identify with Toshiko kind of a lot and this… yeah, it was really pretty awesome, and very funny.

Not part of that fest but with similar themes, a wonderful Harry Potter story and its remix:
-[ profile] kyuuuketsukirui wrote Team Q for this year's axial_tilt. It's a sweet little Dean/Seamus fic in which the boys (post-Hogwarts) create a comic book about queer mutant crime-fighting Quidditch players!
-The Quintessential Team Q (Antiphonal Intermezzo Remix) (author anonymous this week) [ETA: author is [ profile] melayneseahawk] is about a boy who becomes a fan of the comic and meets Dean and Seamus at a signing. It includes excerpts of the cheesy comic book writing and is adorable in every way.
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Whee, [ profile] remixthedrabble round 4 is up! There were 76 ficlets in over 30 different fandoms, and you can find the ones that interest you using either memories tags.

This was the not-necessarily-reciprocal round and I wrote four ficlets in four different fandoms, but I didn't expect to have much written for me because I didn't see anyone else from hobbit fandom participating. However! I received four mini-remixes in four different fandoms!!! This makes me the second most remixed author in the community (after the mod, hee!). I'm so very pleased! Here are the links to the new ones:

Never Figure You Out, The Faculty, Casey and Zeke, 500 words (remix of "Nobody Else")

Five Secrets About River (The Just Beneath Surface Remix), Firefly, 176 words (remix of "Five Things River Tam Secretly Knows about the Serenity Crew")

Spring (The New Leaf Remix), LOTR, Frodo/Merry, 100 words (remix of "Family and Friends")

The Mandrake's Tale (Selfish, Stubborn Remix), Pan's Labyrinth, 101 words (remix of "Clean Up This Mess")

Seriously, go check them out! Tell the anonymous authors how great they are. See if you can figure out who they are and which four ficlets I wrote before the reveal next week.

I'm in a good mood because of that and because I've now completed all the writing challenges I signed up for! Last night I submitted my longer remix fic at [ profile] remixredux08 and that challenge will be going live next week. And Friday night I sent in my fic for the Frolijah challenge, and those fics will go up sometime in the next couple days. I'm glad I'm finished with those obligations and now I can relax (except for the ever-present WIP guilt) and enjoy reading for a while.
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I'm not feeling very well today so I think it's a good day for staying in bed and posting a time-consuming meme. I saw this on the journal of someone I don't know, [ profile] anneliese.

I've made a list of 10 characters and assigned them all numbers. Ask me questions about them ("Is 3 human?" "Who's smarter, 4 or 5?" "What would 2 and 7 do if they discovered buried treasure?") and I'll answer. Your mission is to discover which character is which.

Hint: They are from ten different fandoms (all of which have been mentioned at some point on this journal) and may include real people.

1. Monica Dawson (Heroes), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
2. Sam Winchester (Supernatural), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
3. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
4. Rose Cotton (LotR), guessed by [ profile] dreamflower02 (with help from [ profile] claudia603)
5. Rose Henderson (Lost), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
6. Detective Frank Pembleton (Homicide), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
7. Luna Lovegood (HP), guessed by [ profile] schemingreader (after [ profile] gamerchick drew out the clues)
8. Viggo Mortensen (Lotrips), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
9. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
10. Zeke Tyler (The Faculty), guessed by [ profile] claudia603

I'll fill in the names as people guess them.
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Goodness, I meant to link to this sooner! [ profile] trascendenza wrote me a lovely little Everything Is Illuminated ficlet about Alex coming to see Jonathan in the States following the events of the movie. Luminous, rated K, which I'm guessing is the author's equivalent of G. :)

Here are a few other great fics I've read recently:

LotR: Too Deeply Hurt by [ profile] aprilkat, Frodo/Faramir, mature, post-quest with hints of BDSM, a series of drabbles.

Lotrips: You're a Map of a Place Maybe Someday I'll Go by [ profile] pippinmctaggart, Dom/Billy, NC-17, a long and wonderfully detailed, believable love story.

Firefly: Better Times Collide With Now by [ profile] sarahetc, Zoe/Mal, PG-13, one-shot. Author's summary: "After the war, on their first night with Serenity, Zoe and Mal confront what's between them."
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Hey, [ profile] gamerchick,

Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in with? (pics)
created with
You scored as Moya (Farscape)

You are surrounded by muppets. But that is okay because they are your friends and have shown many times that they can be trusted. Now if only you could stop being bothered about wormholes.

Read more... )

fic links

Sep. 4th, 2007 12:09 pm
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Well, back to work today, and the first day of classes at my university. It is very hot outside and in my apartment, but hopefully the school buildings will have air conditioning. I have two classes today, one of which lasts from 6:10 to 9:30 P.M. Wish me luck!

In case you missed it, here's a link to the new HP fic I posted on Sunday: Let No One Put Asunder. It's a little over 4000 words, takes place seven years after the end of the books, and centers on Parvati Patil.

I want to rec a Firefly/Serenity fic from the [ profile] choc_fic fest, Pro Bono by [ profile] puritybrown, which went up on Saturday. It's NC-17 Zoe/Inara that takes place some time after the movie. Both of them are wonderfully in character and it's really very moving and at the same time crazy hot.

Also, I just read a great gen fic about Dean Thomas learning to paint magical portraits, Fra Pandolf's Hands by [ profile] a_t_rain. It has an interesting plot and some really neat ideas about how magic works besides being a beautiful look at the character.
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Authors' names are up for the [ profile] remixthedrabble lightning round. It was a little complicated because we were each supposed to write for three other people and only four people signed up, but not all of us have matching fandoms. But [ profile] trascendenza the mod and everyone else was flexible and we ended up with 14 ficlets rather than 12, which is great.

(Sign-ups are now open for the next round and I'm thinking I'll probably sit this one out, what with that larger remix I need to write in the next couple weeks, but if enough of you sign up I'm sure I'll cave.)

[ profile] dreams_power wrote Soothing Presence (The Lost and Found Remix), perfectly handled River side of a Kaylee drabble I wrote recently.

[ profile] trascendenza wrote Is That So? (Process of Elimination Remix), wonderfully funny and also sexy 200-word remix of a "You See, I Woke Up Gay", a Jayne/Simon crack ficlet I did a while back.

And [ profile] tinheart did an awesome tragic job with Invictus (Fallen Heroes Remix), a drabble remix of one of my Pan's Labyrinth drabbles. (Like the original, it spoils for the end of the movie, so be careful of that.)

Here are the ones I wrote:

Brokeback Mountain fandom: Jack/Ennis | G | 100 words
Original story: Sepia III (f-locked) by [ profile] theswearingkind, 710 words.
(Sepia is a beautifully written series of "Snapshots of what could have been" in which Jack and Ennis buy that little ranch, like Jack used to talk about.)
Brothers (The Happy Beginning Remix) )

Firefly fandom: Kaylee/Inara | PG-13 PWP | 102 words
Original story: Lovely by [ profile] trascendenza, 102 words.
([ profile] trascendenza's original was seventeen lines of six words each, and mine is six lines of seventeen words each.)
Lovely (The Six Times Seventeen Remix) )

Firefly/Lord of the Rings: Sam Gamgee and the Serenity crew | very G | 200 words
Original story: Five Worlds That Never Collided With The Firefly 'Verse (part 1) by [ profile] danachan, 200 words.
(This is one of the ways we got to be flexible.)
One World That Never Collided With The Firefly 'Verse (The Gamgee Remix) )
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Goodness, I totally missed these yesterday (and a few of you found them before I did)! Ficlets are up for the first lightning round at [ profile] remixthedrabble! There are fourteen of them in nine different fandoms, including three authored by me and three remixes of things I'd done. And they're all fabulous! Please go read and feedback!
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Here are four more episode-specific drabbles (or three drabbles and another thing, for you purists).

Fitting In – Kaylee and Inara, G )
Good for You – Book and River, G )
Ever Again – Zoe/Wash, PG-13 )
Made of Better Stuff – Jayne/Meadows, G )
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The DVD/drabble fest continues. I'm posting as I write not meaning to be spammy but in case the other [ profile] remixthedrabble participants are looking for more raw material. In related news, it turns out that Serenity is playing at a local theater tonight, so I'll go out and see that as well. Whoo!

What Would Your Husband Say? – Zoe, PG-13 )
Familiar – Simon, PG )
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Whee! I've decided to hold a personal Firefly DVD-watching and drabble-writing fest this weekend, since I just got my DVDs back from my sister and have a bunch of shiny new prompts. I'll make myself write at least a drabble for every episode I watch. This should be fun!

It's also gay pride weekend and my lesbian crush has invited me to hang out with her at the events, so I guess it might be a busy weekend.

So far I've watched the pilot, "Serenity", and wrote a double drabble and a single one to go with that, plus a loose drabble that I guess takes place sometime after "Our Mrs. Reynolds". Unbetaed, please let me know about any mistakes you find.

Knowing Your Place – Inara and Book, G )
Introduction – Kaylee and River, G )
Moonshine – Mal/Saffron, PG )


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