Jun. 11th, 2011 01:29 am
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I have FEELINGS about X-Men: First Class (which is a little weird because I don't think I've really had feelings about X-Men before. I think I saw the first two or three movies and liked them fine). I need to read CRITIQUES by other people who enjoyed its gayness but wanted it to have actual gay people and be less sexist and racist than it was. Where are the CRITIQUES PLEASE.
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Which are the Psych episodes with Gus's sister Joy in them, please?

ETA: Is it just the one, "Christmas Joy" from season 3?


Jan. 4th, 2011 11:31 am
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I thought I'd try doing a new podfic today and saw that I'll need to say the word "Idirsholas", which I don't know how to pronounce. Do any of you know? Does it actually get said aloud in the episode or is it just in the title?

ETA: Watched the scene where the farmer and then Gaius say it, thanks Netgirl!
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So yeah, no writing commitments for me this November, other than some rl projects, merlinfemfest, and maybe yuletide once those assignments go out. I'm happy for my friends who are getting a lot of writing done though! And excited about some of these giant Merlin fics in particular.

Fleet Radio Audio Commentary )

Yesterday I followed [personal profile] anatsuno's link to [ profile] remopodmo and committed to spending at least three hours a week on podficcing this month, so I started in with that by recording a little of [personal profile] netgirl_y2k fic yesterday! That's going well and I'm looking forward to getting that and a few shorter podfics done this month. I'll be able to check off another [community profile] kink_bingo square. And even though the longer ones are harder and more likely to make GarageBand crash, it does feel good to be making more of those, which are likely to be more satisfying for most listeners.

[ profile] remopodmo is very small and could use more members, btw! It's okay if you missed the first couple days or if you're new to podficcing, as long as you want to make a commitment to record more podfic this month.

[ profile] netgirl_y2k has a good post about Morgana's characterization this season. (Link goes to the second cut on that post, if you scroll up there's a review of the latest episode.) brief Merlin thoughts/feelings and a bit of squee about 3x07 and 3x08 )

If I had lots of time and patience and technical skills and hard drive space and...whatever it is that keeps your computer from crashing, I would try to learn how to vid! I now have four fairly detailed vid bunnies. One of them I won't tell you about because it's totally unoriginal, a song that has probably been vidded a hundred times and a pairing that I think the cool kids tend not to like. Then there are two others I came up with recently that I won't tell you about because I might actually try to do them and I would want them to be a Surprise (or two Surprises!)! But I will tell you the one I thought of last week, which would be to do a Merlin/Morgana vid to the R.E.M. song All the Right Friends.

my hypothetical upbeat shippy vid for two characters who hate each other )

I so do not have the time or other things and I know I shouldn't even be thinking about this, but I will ask anyway: I'm on a MacBook that has iMovie and I have heard some stuff that I don't really understand about different versions of this app. The version that I have says it is version "8.0.6 (821)" and also that it is "iMovie '09". This is okay, right? iMovie '08 is the one to avoid, and that's different from version 8?


Sep. 16th, 2010 06:49 pm
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My neck hurts! It's been been hurting since Sunday! It moves around my upper back and my shoulders, but it always hurts! Sometimes it hurts more when I turn my head or shrug my shoulders or when I eat. I went to bed early last night and slept close to ten hours, and today was just as bad!

Poll #4406 My neck hurts!
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What should I do?

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5 (27.8%)

Go to the chiropractor!
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Stop running so much!
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Stop spending so much time online!
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Quit your job!
2 (11.1%)

Sorry I forgot the ticky box and the "I'll give you the real answer in comments" box. You see, I am distracted by my pain!


May. 27th, 2010 09:17 pm
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I have a few friends on LJ and Dreamwidth who like swimming laps for exercise. For a while I would read their posts and think "Yuck!" because my main association with swimming is humiliation in junior high gym class. Only lately I've been reading them and thinking "Huh," because, hey, I used to have the same associations with running, but that is now something I enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from. So, I've been wanting to give it a try and would love some advice from those in the know about how to get started. Where do I buy a swimsuit and how do I learn to breathe, for instance? )

fic pie

Feb. 6th, 2010 01:04 pm
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Yesterday I (sort of) finished posting my fics at the Archive of Our Own, for a total of 100 works! This is exciting because it gives me an opportunity to make pie charts. Pretty colors! Het and slash and other genres that may or may not have a slice of pie or a place in the conversation! )
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This morning I accidentally dropped my backpack that had my beloved laptop Kimiko in it in the street. It's still working fine but one corner of the casing is a little dinged up and some of the paint is chipping off. I just backed up the files on my external hard drive.

I've only had this computer (a Toshiba Satellite) for a year and a half and it's been great for what I need it for but I'm a little worried about how banged up it's gotten. Also its battery only lasts about 25 minutes these days, so it's getting less and less practical for taking places. Of course I could get it a new battery, but I've been thinking about whether I should try getting a new computer instead rather than lugging this one around all the time and worrying it might actually crack up one of these days.

I've been thinking about Macbooks and how pretty they are and how Mac people are so cultish snobbish enthusiastic about them. I've heard they're sturdier, and that would certainly be a good thing. But then I look at the prices and I think, okay, technically I could maybe afford to spend that much money, but how do I justify it when I could get a PC laptop for half of that? Mac people, can you help me?

So then on the other hand I think about these new mini-laptops, netbooks, which are around 3 pounds and $300 and cute. I guess they're mostly supposed to be for the Internet but I could install a word processor on it too, and that would pretty much take care of the stuff that I do when I take my laptop to campus or a coffee shop (reading and writing). Then I could keep Kimiko at home for reading and writing but also watching movies and TV shows, and it wouldn't get so banged up. Anything PC would also probably be more compatible with school/work computers than a Mac. Maybe the small keyboard would make typing on a netbook uncomfortable though, I don't know.

What do you think?

ETA: My eyesight is not awesome. I mean, it's not bad, I wear glasses and they're okay but I still really hate small type and lack of contrast. Does that make a difference? Do netbooks make type any smaller or do they keep it the same size so you just have to scroll more? What's with Apple's website and all the gray-on-white text? Are the computers like that too, when you're doing...operating system type stuff?

ETA2: If you've got all your files on a PC (Mostly Office documents but also PDFs pictures and some videos and other things), how easy is it to transfer them to a Mac?
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Season 2/2.5 confusion, help please!

ETA: Resolved, thank you!
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"Midnight" is just an episodic-type episode, right? Will it matter if I watch it out of order? Like, if I go ahead and watch some later episodes today and come back to it later (since I have it saved somewhere else)?


Mar. 25th, 2008 02:39 pm
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I'm thinking about going to see a movie this afternoon, but I'm not sure what I want to see. Have any of you seen The Bank Job? Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day? Paranoid Park? Can you recommend anything else that's in theaters these days?
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Which is correct, please?

Merry held onto Frodo
Merry held on to Frodo
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Is it okay to take knitting needles on a plane flying within the US these days?

ETA: The official answer is yes, but I think I might put them in my checked bag just to avoid any kind of hassle.

A poll!

Nov. 12th, 2006 08:26 pm
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Here is a poll about het fic. You can check more than one box! Please share your thoughts in comments! Ticky box! )
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Seeing the [ profile] lotrips_remix fics go up this week and chatting about it with [ profile] danachan reminded us that we think it would be fun to do a remix exchange with lotr fpf (even if our acronym is not as much fun to say). When we posted about this a while back but thought we'd test the waters again. This is still not a sign-up post (nor is the post Dana made last night), but we'd like to know if you'd be interested in participating. If you don't think you would, we'd also like to hear from you. Is there something you don't like about remixes? Are you signed up for too many challenges already? Do you not trust us to run it well? Please share your thoughts. (Only, please say you'll play. That will make us really happy.)

Remember, the more people join in, the more new hobbit fic will be written.
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I've been toying with the idea of setting up an LJ community for giving and getting constructive feedback on hobbit fics, and I'd like to, well, get some constructive feedback from you all on the idea. The general idea would be something like a writers' workshop -- mind you, not the lame kind of writers' workshop where people try to shoot each other down, but the cool kind where people are genuinely interested in helping each other improve as writers.
some flipflopping )
Honestly, in general, what do you think? Would you play? Do you have suggestions for keeping it truly constructive and helpful? Do you think people who want concrit would be better off just saying so wherever they already post? Do you think the hobbit writing community is too closely knit and public concrit would create serious conflicts between friends? Would you like to co-mod with me?
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Benvenuta [ profile] janira11! Ho visto i tuoi comentari in diversi conti che noi due citiamo e sembri una ragazza simpatica e intelligente. Spero che possiamo ci conoscere meglio. (Ha ha ha, well, I did my best. It's been a few years since Italian class and I never was that great at it.)

Friending can be damned awkward, don't you think? There are such diverse views across LJ about what a friends list means, and it's hard to know what to expect when people don't tell you their policy on their userinfo page or another easily visible place. (That was me being crabby and bossy, did you see?) In a few places I've seen people ask "Is it okay for me to friend you?" in an LJ comment and get no response. Not wanting to end up in this situation myself, I'm much more likely to say "I'm friending you, hope that's not a problem" or not say anything at all, especially if it's one of these types who doesn't always respond to comments. I put it on the unfriendly person to say something if she really doesn't want me around.

My question is though is this: does anyone actually object to being friended? I don't mean someone demanding to be friended back, but just a quiet "Hello, I'm reading." As long as everyone's of age, is there any reason not to want someone to add you to their reading list? Have you ever seen someone say no, or otherwise communicate that they don't want certain people to friend? And if not, where does this custom of asking for permission come from?
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I've seen a few of my hobbit-lovin' LJ friends mention that, while for various reasons they prefer not to read slash fiction about the real-life actors who made The Lord of the Rings, they do enjoy some LOTRIPS AU (or is it AR, and what's the difference anyway?), stories about more or less original characters played by our lovely boys and sharing names with them, but usually taking place in exotic settings such as, say, Ancient Egypt or outer space. *waves to [ profile] trianne*

A few recs for you ladies, and anyone else who's interested, of stories by [ profile] airgiodslv and [ profile] elfellon111, two very different but both excellent authors you may not have come in contact with since they don't write about hobbits.

Read more... )

Okay, and, a quick question about LJ and fanfic customs. If you come across a fic that was posted, say, a year and a half ago but that you've never read before, and that you think is terrific and deserves feedback, do you give it? Would you leave a comment on that fic, send an e-mail, mention it in a comment to a more recent post that the author's more likely to notice, or just let it go?
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I think I like posting questions about fic even more than posting fic. There’s all the excitement of getting comments without that icky vulnerable feeling. Here’s one I’ve been wondering about for rather longer than I’ve been on LJ:

When, in the course of writing a fanfic, it becomes necessary to introduce an original female character who is a nice person, what strategies can be used to avoid Mary Sueism?
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Aug. 3rd, 2005 03:42 pm
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What are your feelings about warning labels on fics?

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