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You guys, I wrote inaugural fic!

Fandoms: Homicide: Life on the Street, The Faculty, Doctor Who, Harold and Kumar, Heroes
Rating: G to PG-13 (gen)
Words: 2295
Note: Thanks to [ profile] claudia603 for taking a look at this last night!

Five Families Who Watched the Inauguration of the 44th American President )
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Here's the favorite fic meme that's been going around.

Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most.

These are not in order. I really suck at picking favorites, actually! But these are five fics of mine for which I have some special affection. fic links )

And while I'm talking about my own fics, here are five songs I've quoted in them, which you can download if you'd like (at least for the next week). I've shared a couple of these before. music and fic links )
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Here are the ficlets I wrote for [ profile] remixthedrabble! I did two regular assignments and then added four extras in the last few days. I got to try out some fandoms and characters I hadn't written before and I had a great time with it.

Lord of the Rings: Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix)
Galadriel, Arwen/Aragorn, rated PG, 200 words
Remix of Night of Love (scroll down), by [ profile] lindahoyland
Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix) )

The Faculty: Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix)
Casey/Randy (Claudia's OMC), Casey/Zeke, rated R, 200 words, warning for partner violence
Remix of In the Garden of After: Bright Angel, by [ profile] claudia603
Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix) )

Doctor Who: Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix)
Tish and Martha Jones, rated G, 150 words
Remix of Sucks to Be You, by [ profile] studyofrunning
Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix) )

Doctor Who/Firefly crossover: Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix)
Ninth Doctor/TARDIS/Kaylee, rated G, 200 words
Remix of Springs and Circuits, by [ profile] lotus0kid
Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix) )

Supernatural/Heroes crossover: Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix)
Dean/Mohinder, rated R, 400 words
Remix of Achieving Nirvana, by [ profile] emmademarais
Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix) )

Heroes: Delivery (In from the Cold Remix)
AU Maya and Gabriel, rated PG, 500 words
Remix of Warm Thoughts, by [ profile] razycrandomgirl
Delivery (In from the Cold Remix) )
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I finished my Heroes story for [ profile] choc_fic! You can read it over there or here.

Title: De prisa, de prisa, rumbo perdido
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: Maya/Alejandro
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: implied sibling incest
Word count: 2175
Summary: You and me against the world. (Also, an attempt to make sense of why someone would go through Venezuela and Honduras on their way from Santo Domingo to New York.)
Notes: The title is from the Manu Chao song "Desaparecido". The lullaby is traditional.

At first all she wanted to do was run. )
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I'm not feeling very well today so I think it's a good day for staying in bed and posting a time-consuming meme. I saw this on the journal of someone I don't know, [ profile] anneliese.

I've made a list of 10 characters and assigned them all numbers. Ask me questions about them ("Is 3 human?" "Who's smarter, 4 or 5?" "What would 2 and 7 do if they discovered buried treasure?") and I'll answer. Your mission is to discover which character is which.

Hint: They are from ten different fandoms (all of which have been mentioned at some point on this journal) and may include real people.

1. Monica Dawson (Heroes), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
2. Sam Winchester (Supernatural), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
3. Rose Tyler (Doctor Who), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
4. Rose Cotton (LotR), guessed by [ profile] dreamflower02 (with help from [ profile] claudia603)
5. Rose Henderson (Lost), guessed by [ profile] gamerchick
6. Detective Frank Pembleton (Homicide), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
7. Luna Lovegood (HP), guessed by [ profile] schemingreader (after [ profile] gamerchick drew out the clues)
8. Viggo Mortensen (Lotrips), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
9. Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly), guessed by [ profile] claudia603
10. Zeke Tyler (The Faculty), guessed by [ profile] claudia603

I'll fill in the names as people guess them.
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I haven't really written anything in the past week or two, but in February I'm gonna do the thing where I write at least 100 words every day again. It worked really well in November when I was writing my [ profile] yuletide fic. Here are the things I need to write this next month: Read more... )
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[ profile] ninebillion looks like a neat challenge! It is a multifandom fic exchange "devoted to exploring the role and concept of faith (or lack thereof) in the lives of various characters", with mostly TV fandoms but open to all kinds of things. I'm not sure if I'll sign up because I worry I've committed to too much in the next few months, but it sure looks tempting, especially with the "wildcard" fandoms including Lost, Homicide, and the Bible. :) Sign-ups post here.

I still haven't chosen a prompt to write for the February round of [ profile] choc_fic. Here are some that interest me from the second half of the month (because sooner than that is too scary). Anyone wanna help me choose? HP, Firefly, and Heroes )

So, have you signed up for the 2008 Frolijah Fic Exchange yet? (Eeep, I haven't sent mine in yet myself because I still can't think of a good quote. But soon! Very soon!)
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I haven't done a recs post in ages, so here's a longish one with no LJ-cut: gen, slash, het, femslash, and a nonfiction book.

I'm having so much angsty fun reading [ profile] mariole's new Beatles fic, The Space Between Us All. She's been posting two or three chapters a day and as usual with Mariole's fics there's a lot of tension that keeps you (or me, anyway!) really eager to see the next part.

There are a ton of new Harry Potter fics going up for various exchanges and I've only had a chance to read a few of them, but I did want to tell you about two that I've read. Occam's Razor is Harry/Draco with some Harry/Snape and takes place a couple years after DH. I'd clicked on it because there was a very enticing list of kinks in the heading, but I totally got sucked into the plot too. It's quite long and the author does a really nice job keeping you guessing while she moves the story forward and also including lots and lots of smut. Whoo!

I followed someone else's rec to What Makes All the Difference, a wonderful fic that takes place at Hogwarts during DH. It's Padma Patil's POV and has a romance with Seamus (plus a nice look at Neville being his awesome self). I really recommend this one especially to fans of, say, Rubynye's and Dana's fics about hobbits in the Shire during the Troubles – Padma's somewhat like Rosie and other female hobbits in that we see very little of her in canon but this author does a really nice job making her into a three-dimensional character who gives us a new perspective on that world.

Hey, speaking of girls! [ profile] trascendenza wrote a really lovely Heroes fic, a Claire/May romance called Will Set You Free. (When I first heard her talking about this pairing I had trouble placing May, but she is the pretty Asian-American cheerleader in Costa Verde, the one who tells Claire that she was awesome in try-outs. Wouldn't you rather see Claire with her than with West?) She takes up the theme we see on the show of Claire struggling with her identity and how much she can tell her family or the world and brings that to – get this – a lesbian story that does not end in pain and death! Whoo!

I also wanted to tell you about a book I just finished reading, Covering: The Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights by Kenji Yoshino. Yoshino uses the term covering to talk about the pressure in US society for people outside of the "mainstream" (he talks mostly about gay people and racial minorities but also women and people with disabilities) to assimilate and conform. Their difference can be acknowledged (it's not the same as passing) but it shouldn't be "flaunted". He talks about this as a human rights issue but one that's not addressed by our laws, which cover discrimination based on identity categories but not behavior. So, for example, obviously it's illegal to fire/refuse to hire someone for being black, but the courts have upheld American Airlines' right to fire someone a black woman for wearing cornrows. Yoshino is a legal scholar and a Japanese-American gay man, and he writes a lot, and very honestly and beautifully, about his own personal experiences as well as legal cases and larger civil rights histories. I really enjoyed reading this and it's given me a lot to think about.
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Here's what I wrote for the Heroes haikuathon. The pieces in this post go from G (for the first one) to R with warnings for sibling incest and (*cough*) bestiality. [ profile] trascendenza did a fabulous job running this challenge and I had a great time with it.

Sweet Dreams (Molly, Mohinder, Shanti) )
Mismatch (Ando/Kimiko) )
Touch (Hiro/Ando) )
Confession (Claire/May, Noah) )
New and Improved (Claire/West) )
Irresponsible (Mohinder/OFC) )
Practice (Maya/Sylar) )
Insaciable, Indomable (Maya/Alejandro) )
Research Partners (Monica/Maya/Mohinder) )
Evolution (Eden/Mohinder) )
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This week [ profile] trascendenza is collecting prompts for two new [ profile] haikuathon challenges, with poems being posted next week. Everyone is welcome and leaving prompts does not obligate you to write haikus or the other way around.
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Molly drabble, no prompt, 100 words, gen, PG.
Close Enough to Touch )

For [ profile] rubynye, 500 words (five drabbles), Hiro/various, PG.
Five Kisses for Hiro )
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[ profile] trascendenza sent out the [ profile] remixthedrabble assignments on Tuesday and gave us the option of writing one, two, or three ficlets. I love that she is so flexible. So far I've done two and a half, and they're not due until the 20th. This is a very nice feeling, as I'm usually the kind of person to put off writing until very close to the challenge deadline.

I was thinking it could be fun to write some new drabbles and other ficlets in fandoms that I share with other regulars at the comm, because that will make me more remixable for future rounds and because writing ficlets is fun.

If you would like to help me out, there are two kinds of prompts I'm looking for: three words (one or two of them can be character names), or five things (as in, five things Aragorn would like to do to Frodo in bed, five ways Zeke gets romantic with Casey, etc.).

Fandoms: Harry Potter (most likely to actually get written), Heroes, Brokeback Mountain, Pan's Labyrinth.
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Dude, I totally forgot to use and show off this icon in my previous post. This is my present from [ profile] annwyn55! Thank you, [ profile] annwyn55!

[ profile] elanorgardner recently invited me to help out with the [ profile] lotr_fic_recs community as a co-moderator. I've tagged all the archived rec posts and asked for feedback about the tags list here. It would also be nice if people would suggest challenges we should have. Tomorrow I'm going to post a poll. (Elanor wanted to go ahead with the change I suggested, but I had my heart set on posting a poll so she said okay.)

marathons_etc is a new community in IJ for movie marathons – everybody watches the movies at home and discusses online. They're kicking off this next week with discussions of the LotR films: Fellowship tomorrow (Friday), The Two Towers on Tuesday, and RotK on Friday the 28th. Their rules look a little severe but it could be fun. I guess it depends on who shows up. :)

Yuletide, the obscure fandoms holiday fic exchange, is gearing up for a new season and accepting fandom nominations. Last year I really enjoyed reading some wonderful fics in tiny fandoms like Northern Exposure, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. They also accept book fandoms and historical rpf. I'm very excited about this because I'm planning on participating for the first time this year. People who are planning to participate can nominate up to six fandoms (and later on you'll need to be willing to write in three or four). Official sign-ups and assignments happen in October and the stories go live on December 25. The nomination form is here. There have been a lot of announcements in [ profile] yuletide_admin this week and you should probably look at them before you fill out the form.

[ profile] remixthedrabble will be running another round with sign-ups next week. I've had a great time with that challenge and I think it would be fun to get a bunch of LotR fans participating again the way we did for the first round back in May. The remixthedrabble mod, [ profile] trascendenza, has also run a couple small fandom haikuathons in the past and just set up a new community, [ profile] haikuathon, for future ones. There may be haiku fests for Heroes and other larger fandoms too.

Speaking of Heroes, there have been some lovely Heroes fics posted at [ profile] choc_fic (the Characters of Color Multi-fandom Love-a-thon) this past week, but none so far about Mohinder, who is beautiful and intelligent (at least in theory) and conflicted and awesome. Can any of you rec any good Mohinder fics at me or tell me where to find them? I guess I'd prefer gen or Peter/Mohinder but other pairings are okay too. (Although I often find villains sexy, this has not happened to me with Sylar yet.)

It would be easier to find fics about specific characters in other fandoms if [ profile] crack_van would use tags.


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