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Whoa how did two months go by, I was doing such a good job of posting for a bit there.

Okay, Dreamwidth, I want to let you know that I did most of the Fandom Snowflake Challenge (13 out of 15 tasks/posts) in the first two weeks of January. I did them over on Tumblr and I thought that tagging them all would make it easy for me to link to them, but when I click on the tag it just takes me to all the posts with that tag on Tumblr.com and not on my Tumblr, so idek.

Also Dreamwidth, I want to let you know that I posted a ton of podfic last month. Specifically I made 15 podfics, each with a different author and a different femslash ship, adding up to a little over 3 hours. You can find them over on the AO3, where I made the series Femslash February 2018. It starts off with some Star Wars sequels, then there's a bunch of other stuff, then there's some Merlin. The last one is an hour and 23 minutes, so that knocks out two of my fannish goals for the year. Hooray! Maybe I will do another Dreamwidth post sometime where I actually list all of them.

Meanwhile my offline life has not gone especially well. Specifically I have had some stress and drama at work, but the last two weeks have been a little better and I'm feeling hopeful about the next two weeks.

I haven't seen Black Panther yet, but I'm planning to go see it tonight.

I did see the Chilean movie A Fantastic Woman yesterday and then was pleased when it won the Oscar for best foreign film last night. (I love the Oscars, as frustrating as they are. I watch every year.)
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I stopped watching House about a year and a half ago, I think, but I did use to like the show a lot and I'm interested in watching the finale. Can anybody tell me whether it stands up okay on its own or how many episodes before the end they'd recommend watching? I'd go for three or four of them but probably not the whole season.

links: finales discussions and podcasts )
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Let's have some memage! First here's the one with favorite shows and stuff. Your main fandom... )

I figure I'll do the one about fics I wrote next week, even though I didn't write much this year, and then I should also do one for the podfics I made, though I don't know of a template for that. Podficcers, what do you think of this?
podfic meme template )

Oh wait, dude, I totally did a podfic year in review meme already last year! Here's the template:

Ha ha I feel like a dork now. Well, use whatever version you like, of course. I hope a lot of people will do it!

X-Men recs

Jul. 2nd, 2011 01:40 pm
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Anthem for Doomed Youth by [livejournal.com profile] fahye is a really fantastic long X-Men fic, Raven-centric with Charles/Erik, taking place before and during the movie. Very much recommended if you wanted to see and understand more of Raven's feelings, and just in general because the writing is really beautiful and conveys so much emotion. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lolafeist for the rec!

I kinda want to ask about doing a podfic, because the language is so pretty and I think it would be fun to read because of that (plus there's not a ton of telepathy). On the other hand it is long so it would take a lot of work and not count for kink-bingo! So then I thought well what about using it as my project for [community profile] ladiesbigbang, seeing as how I signed up and all! But despite it being Raven POV I am not really sure if it's lady-centric enough to be in the spirit of lbb, what with so much of it being about her relationships with Charles and Erik. So I don't know! (And it's possible the author wouldn't want a podfic anyway, or that someone else is already working on it, so it's sort of weird of me to be talking about this in a public post, but yeah.) What do you think?

Also here is a really interesting post of X-Men meta and history by [personal profile] ruthi, about Israel and Holocaust survivors in the '50s and how that might affect Erik's story.

I rewatched Atonement the other night and I still love it a lot. Like, really really a lot. (I am sorry if that takes away from the strength of my recs for you - I guess some fans really hate this movie!)

Also rewatched the first X-Men movie a couple weeks ago, am now in the middle of watching the second one. I can't actually remember whether I've seen this one before. I find them kind of forgettable but fun, and I do like this second one a bit more than the first. It's nice to have most of the character introductions out of the way so they can focus on sexy stuff like mind control. Also, Erik and Charles are still in love, so there's that.

In non-X-Men-related news, Why You Should Have Been Watching Treme Instead of The Killing has kind of a silly framing (it's not like Treme doesn't get talked about, and I don't agree that The Killing was that bad, and also it ignores the fact that lots of people would watch Treme if they could afford HBO...) but I like what it says about Treme being a show about creativity. There's been more violence in the second season (and I'm not happy about some of those stories), but
violence isn’t the show’s engine. The artist’s life is. There’s a meta-quality to many of the scenes of artists making art, since nearly all of them touch on debates about which types of creativity are authentic, political, pleasurable, meaningful, or lucrative, questions that clearly apply to the creation of the series itself. But rather [than] argue like an op-ed, Treme feels like poetry, and even better, it has begun to incorporate critiques of its own New Orleans exceptionalism, playfully showing the ways these attitudes can sour into pedantry, as they do on occasion with that Indian Chief, who is currently in New York driving his jazz musician son crazy with his passive-aggressive provincialism.
In general this person thinks the second season has been a lot less preachy than the first, and I guess I agree with that. I'm happy to see Annie and especially Antoine's stories getting more attention and direction, and like the reviewer am kind of amazed that I'm actually starting to care about Sonny.
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I wasn't going to get into this fandom you guys I don't even know. I was just going to read some critiques but then last night I started reading fics, and tonight I read some more fics and then I went out and watched the movie again.

The best Charles/Erik fic I have read is You Told Me Again You Preferred Handsome Men, But For Me You Would Make an Exception by [archiveofourown.org profile] feverbeats, especially recommended if you were bothered by Charles' arrogance in the movie (which I wasn't especially but still, good fic).

Here are two lovely ensemble pieces also with Charles/Erik, more appealing if like me you were crushing on Charles:

Five Minds Charles Never Read (And One He Did) by [archiveofourown.org profile] Leyenn

Five Lessons Charles Taught (and One He Learned) by [archiveofourown.org profile] kaydeefalls

I may be running out of things I want to read on the AO3 and will have to start venturing into the kink memes soon. /o\ What I really want to read is all the hurt/comfort in the world, so if you have those recs I will take them.

I do not have any ideas for fics I want to write. That's pretty normal for me - I need to spend a lot of time reading in a fandom before I start writing, and in this case I probably won't, and that's okay. I was thinking I could do some podfic but pretty much every fic does this telepathy business where Charles hears Erik's thoughts and speaks in Erik's mind and, although several friends on Twitter suggested I could handle that in a podfic with filters (reverb etc.), I fear that would end up sounding really cheesy and I just don't want to do it. So for now I'm just reading okay!

And I watched the movie again! )

In other news, I watched the movie Hanna and thought parts of it were really neat, and liked that there was no rape or threatened rape and that she got to keep her clothes on, but was not really satisfied by the story.

Today I bought Photoshop Elements and then realized that I should get the trial version before I opened the box and since then have spent many, many hours waiting for the trial version to finish downloading. At the moment it says it'll take another thirteen hours. :(

For the past month or so the trackpad on my Macbook hasn't been working properly. Sometimes it lets me select text (for copying and pasting, for instance) but often it doesn't. Same thing with trying to drag and drop anything, for instance regions when editing podfic. Argh.

Last week I friended [livejournal.com profile] summerpornathon and [livejournal.com profile] teamgreed but forgot to add them to the not-Dreamwidth filter, so I totally missed the challenge announcement on Sunday and get-to-know-you stuff for my team. :( However once I finally noticed on Tuesday I managed to write a ficlet without too much trouble. If I think about it in terms of competition or strategy I start to freak out, but if I think in terms of "First porn I have written since February!" I feel pretty good!


Jun. 11th, 2011 01:29 am
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I have FEELINGS about X-Men: First Class (which is a little weird because I don't think I've really had feelings about X-Men before. I think I saw the first two or three movies and liked them fine). I need to read CRITIQUES by other people who enjoyed its gayness but wanted it to have actual gay people and be less sexist and racist than it was. Where are the CRITIQUES PLEASE.
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I watched Whip It last week and it was great. Even the things that bugged me about it in the middle worked out in ways that I liked. briefly, with spoilers ) I would ship Bliss/Maggie but I haven't found any, but I did enjoy this Maggie/Pash fic, Searching for Something That Makes Hearts Move by [archiveofourown.org profile] mazily.

Then last night I rewatched Bend It Like Beckham, which I had just seen once a long time ago. It's similar movie in a lot of ways - the girl's joy in finding out she can do something she loves with other girls, the lying to her parents so she keep doing it, the inevitability of the MOST IMPORTANT THING in her sport happening on THE VERY SAME DAY as the MOST IMPORTANT THING in her family life, and other stuff. Like femslash ) Anyway, that was fun. It was neat to see the girls so young and cute and, well, kind of awkward and amateurish, after years of watching Parminder Nagra on ER and so many other movies with Keira Knightley. Oh, and what a trip to realized that Jess's older sister Pinky (the sort of ditzy one who doesn't care about anything but her wedding) was played by Archie Panjabi, whom I've been fangirling as Kalinda on The Good Wife. The characters couldn't be more different and I seriously wouldn't have recognized her if I hadn't gone to look up something else on IMDB.

Hey, I think a lot of you saw [archiveofourown.org profile] Philipa_Moss's Yuletide fic Looking Behind Now, in which Tony from BILB meets Johnny and Omar from My Beautiful Laundrette, but did you see that they posted a sequel last month? Bring Your Mother to Work Day is similarly clever and adorable.

So yeah, Kalinda's pretty awesome, isn't she?! And how about that Diane Lockhart?! Actually I love pretty much everyone on The Good Wife except for Peter, and he's okay too. So much chemistry between everybody too. I'm about two thirds of the way through the first season now. The show took a little while to hook me, idk, at first I thought the way they'd do the exposition was awkward and kind of boring. But the characters have really won me over and I've also really gotten to like the balance between the case of the week plot and larger arcs. It's become my go-to show when I'm ready to be entertained (and not challenged too much) for an hour before I go to bed, the way I sometimes watch Law & Order and used to watch House.

(Is it me or has House been really bad lately? Like, a lot worse than it used to be?)

I'm also watching the first season of Community! I don't usually watch a lot of sitcoms but I decided to check this out after all the campaigning for Troy in Fandom March Madness. All those gifs etc. had led me to believe that Troy and Abed were the main characters so it was sort of disappointing to watch the first few episodes, which were so much about Jeff trying to get in Britta's pants. Still, the ensemble stuff is wonderful and Abed is the wonderfullest (I hope he wins March Madness next year!). Besides the main characters, Señor Chang and Professor Whitman make me laugh a lot.

Speaking of people who want to be the guy from Dead Poets Society, [personal profile] cereta had a really great post a few weeks ago on Why I hate "one teacher who made a difference". I also really liked reading the discussions over the last few days in her Grading Hell Theater: Misconceptions post, especially the stuff about what English teachers and professors do in real life and what people think they can/should do.

[A smooth transition,] I am so excited about [community profile] remix_goes_wild, an open-ended challenge for writing lots of different kinds of remixes, for points! I think it'll be really good both for those of us who are remix addicts and also for folks who like the idea but have not wanted to deal with the deadlines, restrictions, and other pressures of the big exchanges. (Actually, I guess I'm a bit of both - I have done a lot of remixes but I decided I couldn't handle the pressure of Remix Redux this year.) Anyway, signups will open on April 1st and posting will be open through the end of the year. You can sign up to write and/or to make your some or all of your fic available to be remixed.
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Dear [community profile] purimgifts writer/graphics person!

Thank you for signing up with one or more of my fandoms! I hope you will find I'm easy to write for. I love gen and ships of all kinds. I said I'd take a maximum rating of Explicit and I've been on kind of a porny streak in my journal lately, but I really am a big fan of friendship stories and character pieces too. I like happy stories and sad stories, h/c, kink, and stories about identity, community, and belief. For the most part I do not like torture in interrogation scenes or cheating in relationships.

I had a really good time with this challenge in 2008 and 2009 and I'm excited about coming back to it. This year I requested only fandoms where I like pretty much all the characters, so even though I'm listing some of my favorites under the cut, I'd be really happy to read about or look at any of the others too. All these fandoms have ladies and a few also have Jewish characters, though in most cases that isn't really developed so there's a lot of room for you to do more, if that's where your interest lies. I'd also be really interested in bringing out Jewish themes or parallels to the Esther story in shows like Merlin or BSG, or casting say Long Feng from Avatar as an evil vizier. Also do whatever you'd like with the pictures!

fandoms )
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Poll #5457 What movie should I go see?
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What movie should I go see?

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Black Swan
4 (30.8%)

4 (30.8%)

Voyage of the Dawn Treader
0 (0.0%)

The King's Speech
5 (38.5%)

True Grit
4 (30.8%)

another movie
0 (0.0%)

Don't go to a movie, do something else!
0 (0.0%)

ETA: Major spoilers for Black Swan in Dreamwidth comments, proceed with caution.
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This icon and the one on my previous post are from this icon post by [livejournal.com profile] redscharlach. Thanks to [personal profile] sally_maria for the heads up.

Now let's have a meme! This is not the fic year in review meme yet because I still hope to write more fic. :) I saw this on [personal profile] cereta's journal.

A year-in-fandom meme )

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I just did my fandom nominations for Yuletide! Nominations close in a little less than two days, so if you're planning on participating and have your heart set on a particular very small fandom, this is the time to make sure it's available. However, even if you don't do nominations this week, you can still play in the challenge with the fandoms other people have nominated. There are LOTS.

I nominated four movies, a TV show, and a book: Treme, Keeping the Faith, Antônia, Leonera, Caramel, Kindred )

There's been some great activity at [community profile] dark_agenda this week encouraging people to nominate, request, and write for sources created by and starring people of color. Check out the comm and the Chromatic Yuletide Spreadsheet of Doom if that is also an interest of yours. They are also linking to promo posts so it could be a good place to find out about some new tiny fandoms. (I have been meaning for ages to do a post about Leonera and Antônia and haven't finished it yet. Maybe this weekend.)
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Merlin challenges

-[personal profile] lilian_cho and [personal profile] netgirl_y2k are helping me run [personal profile] camelotremix, and signups are going well! I mean, slowly, but we don't need to have a huge number of people, and also I know of a few people who are working on getting their fic listings organized and planning to sign up later. We have some AWESOME writers already though, and other awesome folks who have decided the challenge isn't for them but who are posting about it and spreading the word anyway. Also [livejournal.com profile] mrs_leary made us some banners so we can start using those as soon as I can figure out the coding. :) Thank you, you guys! I am really happy about this!

-[livejournal.com profile] camelotsolstice is going to run again! I'll be sitting out this round but yay for more Merlin fic and art! Lots of people should sign up!

-I am seriously considering signing up for [livejournal.com profile] merlinfemfest! On the one hand, the next few months will be busy between remix modding and serious rl stuffs. On the other hand, Merlin femslash! And again, lots of awesome people's signing up! Makes me want to join in! What do you think?

Ambivalent feelings about fests and timing )

-[livejournal.com profile] kinkelot is having a tentacles challenge! I think Merlin is a challenging fandom for bringing in tentacles (not like The Faculty or Star Trek or something) but people have managed it and I hope there will be more soon.

-Eeep only three more weeks until the main deadline for [community profile] kink_bingo! (Okay I know it's not a Merlin challenge but I'm writing Merlin fic for it so.) Besides writing I need to get back into podficcing. I've filled a bunch of squares already but I'll be sad if I don't make a bingo.

Other stuff

-Take Me Home by [personal profile] such_heights has all my favorite femslash ships in one happy vid! Suitable for dancing! (Hey [personal profile] gamerchick I think you would enjoy this!)

-Old Spice Man/Merlin parody or fusion or something by [livejournal.com profile] villainny. Hee!

-I watched episodes 2 and 3 of Sherlock and continued to think they were well done and clever and that Sherlock was really disturbingly hot, and yet I had to sort of put a lot of my politics/ideas aside in order to enjoy the old school slashy vibe, and that was a weird feeling. So I'm okay with the show being over for now.

-I watched the movie Murderball and concur with [personal profile] gamerchick's post about it: it is neat to see a movie about people with disabilities that doesn't follow a traditional script of brave souls overcoming adversity in an inspiring way. This is a movie about badass athletes who do wheelchair rugby and it's, like, not my favorite kind of movie in that I'm not into contact sports or movies about guys being assholes, as some of these guys were, and yet there were parts of this that were awesome and the whole thing kept my interest and I mostly liked it.

-Some other things I have watched/am watching and will talk about in comments if you ask me to: Treme season 1 (♥ ♥), The Wire season 1, half of Legend of the Seeker season 2, most of Leverage season 3, the first two episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Inception (twice).
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El secreto de sus ojos/The Secret in Their Eyes is excellent, if you like a good crime thriller. Ricardo Darín plays a retired man who's still trying to figure out a rape and murder case he worked on 25 years earlier. There's also a romance between him and his colleague/former boss, played by Soledad Villamil, who is great. no spoilers )

Beware, gentle viewers, there's a graphic rape scene in this movie (which I was not expecting)! Mostly just short clips of it but the first instance really comes out of nowhere.

My parents and I had been watching an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit before we went out to the theater, and on the way home one of us made some comparison or other between the movie and SVU, and then we all quickly said, well, of course we really shouldn't compare them, this is a whole other level of quality and complexity...and then we looked up the director, Juan José Campanella, and found out he's directed a bunch of episodes of SVU! He also directed this week's episode of House and some others and, you know, this week's House was fine but nothing out of the ordinary. It's, I don't know, maybe a tiny bit sad but also sort of neat to think of this guy with such a huge talent and know he's working regularly and turning out good (but not amazing) quality TV when he's not making movies.

I've seen two other movies of his which he also wrote and which also starred Ricardo Darín: El hijo de la novia, which was sentimental but also lovely, and Luna de Avellaneda, which was a little too sentimental and didn't have enough story for my taste.
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I watched a bunch of movies in the fall and wrote up little reviews of most of them but then didn't post because I didn't finish the reviews, which was partly because I hadn't finished one of the movies. I haven't been watching a lot of movies lately, but here is that old post, with a few additions, and no spoilers to speak of.

Fiction movies! Julie & Julia, Brick Lane, King Arthur, Love and Basketball, Imagine Me and You, Saving Face, The Prince of Egypt, Things We Lost in the Fire, The Mothod )

Also documentaries! Sound and Fury, Street Fight, Jesus Camp, When the Levees Broke )
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Hey guys, what should I do with my evening(s)? (Polls are a pain to crosspost so this is just on Dreamwidth, but you can use OpenID if you don't have an account there or don't feel like logging in.)

Poll #2720 entertainment options
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What should I do this evening (or tomorrow evening, or whatever)?

View Answers

Go out to a movie!
12 (63.2%)

Get caught up on some TV!
14 (73.7%)

Hang out online! Maybe try writing or podficcing!
4 (21.1%)

Do homework!
6 (31.6%)

If a movie, which one?

View Answers

Alice in Wonderland (second viewing, maybe 3D)
6 (42.9%)

Clash of the Titans
2 (14.3%)

Date Night
3 (21.4%)

Hot Tub Time Machine (???)
1 (7.1%)

How to Train Your Dragon
9 (64.3%)

Which TV show?

View Answers

Recent episodes of Lost - It's fun to be caught up
3 (20.0%)

Legend of the Seeker, mid-season 1
4 (26.7%)

Psych, mid-season 1 (so as to be able to return Netflix DVD)
1 (6.7%)

Farscape, late season 1 - I know you don't think you like it, but you're just about to the point where it starts getting really good!
5 (33.3%)

Buffy, start of season 2 (sort of a rewatch)
1 (6.7%)

Veronica Mars, start of season 1 (have never seen an episode)
1 (6.7%)

other - please comment!
0 (0.0%)

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I loved seeing Alice in Wonderland on Tuesday! I saw it without the 3D and I think that's just as well, there was so much interesting to look at I don't know how well I would have handled an extra dimension. Mostly though I loved the character of Alice and her getting to be the protagonist, in contrast to what happens with women in most of the things I've watched lately.

Okay, here is a version of a post I meant to make two weeks ago: tomorrow I might meet some people to see another movie, Shutter Island. (That other thing I mentioned is going to happen on Sunday instead.) Have any of you seen this? I can't decide whether I should go. I have a big crush Mark Ruffalo and I like Leo DiCaprio okay. More importantly I have a big kink for stories about insane asylums and such (my longest fic is about Frodo getting shut up in one omg - that doesn't even make sense but I wrote it anyway because I'm that obsessed).

On the other hand I don't usually handle horror movies well. Too scary, and I am a big wimp! I walked out of the theater halfway through I Am Legend because I couldn't handle the tension. And the gore was probably the main reason I finally quit watching Supernatural (though the misogyny and racism were also wearing!). Sometimes even the vampirism in Being Human is a bit much for me. There are a few scary movies I have liked - 28 Days Later, Zodiac (&hearts Mark Ruffalo!), Silence of the Lambs, the sequel Red Dragon even though it wasn't as good. I don't know! What should I do, f-list??
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I think this might be my first poll since I started crossposting. We'll see how that works.

Poll #2445 Alice?
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What Movie should I go see this afternoon?

View Answers

Alice in Wonderland (plain) for $5
0 (0.0%)

Alice in Wonderland in Disney Digital 3D for $8
0 (0.0%)

Alice in Wonderland: An IMAX 3D Experience for $9
1 (50.0%)

Some other movie for $5
0 (0.0%)

None! Stay home and do your work!
1 (50.0%)

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[livejournal.com profile] rubynye, your card arrived yesterday, thank you so much. I love that you put so much creativity and care into your gifts. ♥

I went to see the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog on Tuesday! I'm not usually a big fan of kids' movies or cartoons but I enjoyed this. The heroine is Tiana, a black woman in 1920s New Orleans who dreams of owning her own restaurant. She is tough and hardworking and smart and loves her family. She reminded me a little of Monica, one of my favorite Heroes characters, who unfortunately never got to be a protagonist like Tiana is. I liked her and most of the other characters a lot. The songs literally had me tapping my feet and some of the jokes made me laugh out loud. Maybe next year I'll request Tiana/Charlotte for Yuletide!

[livejournal.com profile] kialio posted a great review at [livejournal.com profile] deadbrowalking aimed at people of color (and other people who like to avoid racist movies) with minor spoilers and a few bigger ones you have to highlight to read. A complaint about the middle of the movie, not spoilery for the end )

ETA: Nnedi Okorafor's review is a lot more spoilery but also interesting and insightful. It's just the kind of review I like to read after watching a good movie.


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