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Title: low Sky
Original text erased: On Shores Below a Crumbling Sky
Erased by: [personal profile] sophinisba
Original text by: [ profile] vialethe
Fandom (of original text): Firefly
Fandom (of erasure): Firefly
Word count: 149
Contains: Character death
Notes: So this is what I made for [ profile] erasureathon! All the words are taken in order from ViaLethe's fic, which is River-centric and takes place post-BDM.

This was a lot of fun to do! I have mixed feelings about the finished product because on the one hand I don't think it makes much sense on its own. But on the other hand River Tam often says things that don't make sense to the rest of us. I think she would enjoy erasure poetry, seriously! Maybe I will do another one of these before the deadline next month.

Links: at erasurethon on LJ, at the AO3
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Title: Walkin' After Midnight (The Slow Dance Remix)
Fandom: Firefly
Character: River
Rating: G
Words: 100
Warnings: none
Notes: Remix of Walkin' After Midnight by [ profile] lotus0kid (scroll down to #10) with references the Patsy Cline song of the same title. Written for [ profile] remixthedrabble round 6 and previously posted here.

Walkin' After Midnight (The Slow Dance Remix )
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Here are the ficlets I wrote for [ profile] remixthedrabble! I did two regular assignments and then added four extras in the last few days. I got to try out some fandoms and characters I hadn't written before and I had a great time with it.

Lord of the Rings: Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix)
Galadriel, Arwen/Aragorn, rated PG, 200 words
Remix of Night of Love (scroll down), by [ profile] lindahoyland
Among the Stars (The Night of Love Remix) )

The Faculty: Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix)
Casey/Randy (Claudia's OMC), Casey/Zeke, rated R, 200 words, warning for partner violence
Remix of In the Garden of After: Bright Angel, by [ profile] claudia603
Bright Angel (The Devil's Playground Remix) )

Doctor Who: Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix)
Tish and Martha Jones, rated G, 150 words
Remix of Sucks to Be You, by [ profile] studyofrunning
Never Knew (The Sucks to Be You Remix) )

Doctor Who/Firefly crossover: Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix)
Ninth Doctor/TARDIS/Kaylee, rated G, 200 words
Remix of Springs and Circuits, by [ profile] lotus0kid
Springs and Circuits (Star-Crossed OT3 Remix) )

Supernatural/Heroes crossover: Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix)
Dean/Mohinder, rated R, 400 words
Remix of Achieving Nirvana, by [ profile] emmademarais
Research (Nowhere Near Nirvana Mix) )

Heroes: Delivery (In from the Cold Remix)
AU Maya and Gabriel, rated PG, 500 words
Remix of Warm Thoughts, by [ profile] razycrandomgirl
Delivery (In from the Cold Remix) )
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Authors' names are up for the [ profile] remixthedrabble lightning round. It was a little complicated because we were each supposed to write for three other people and only four people signed up, but not all of us have matching fandoms. But [ profile] trascendenza the mod and everyone else was flexible and we ended up with 14 ficlets rather than 12, which is great.

(Sign-ups are now open for the next round and I'm thinking I'll probably sit this one out, what with that larger remix I need to write in the next couple weeks, but if enough of you sign up I'm sure I'll cave.)

[ profile] dreams_power wrote Soothing Presence (The Lost and Found Remix), perfectly handled River side of a Kaylee drabble I wrote recently.

[ profile] trascendenza wrote Is That So? (Process of Elimination Remix), wonderfully funny and also sexy 200-word remix of a "You See, I Woke Up Gay", a Jayne/Simon crack ficlet I did a while back.

And [ profile] tinheart did an awesome tragic job with Invictus (Fallen Heroes Remix), a drabble remix of one of my Pan's Labyrinth drabbles. (Like the original, it spoils for the end of the movie, so be careful of that.)

Here are the ones I wrote:

Brokeback Mountain fandom: Jack/Ennis | G | 100 words
Original story: Sepia III (f-locked) by [ profile] theswearingkind, 710 words.
(Sepia is a beautifully written series of "Snapshots of what could have been" in which Jack and Ennis buy that little ranch, like Jack used to talk about.)
Brothers (The Happy Beginning Remix) )

Firefly fandom: Kaylee/Inara | PG-13 PWP | 102 words
Original story: Lovely by [ profile] trascendenza, 102 words.
([ profile] trascendenza's original was seventeen lines of six words each, and mine is six lines of seventeen words each.)
Lovely (The Six Times Seventeen Remix) )

Firefly/Lord of the Rings: Sam Gamgee and the Serenity crew | very G | 200 words
Original story: Five Worlds That Never Collided With The Firefly 'Verse (part 1) by [ profile] danachan, 200 words.
(This is one of the ways we got to be flexible.)
One World That Never Collided With The Firefly 'Verse (The Gamgee Remix) )
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Here are four more episode-specific drabbles (or three drabbles and another thing, for you purists).

Fitting In – Kaylee and Inara, G )
Good for You – Book and River, G )
Ever Again – Zoe/Wash, PG-13 )
Made of Better Stuff – Jayne/Meadows, G )
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The DVD/drabble fest continues. I'm posting as I write not meaning to be spammy but in case the other [ profile] remixthedrabble participants are looking for more raw material. In related news, it turns out that Serenity is playing at a local theater tonight, so I'll go out and see that as well. Whoo!

What Would Your Husband Say? – Zoe, PG-13 )
Familiar – Simon, PG )
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Whee! I've decided to hold a personal Firefly DVD-watching and drabble-writing fest this weekend, since I just got my DVDs back from my sister and have a bunch of shiny new prompts. I'll make myself write at least a drabble for every episode I watch. This should be fun!

It's also gay pride weekend and my lesbian crush has invited me to hang out with her at the events, so I guess it might be a busy weekend.

So far I've watched the pilot, "Serenity", and wrote a double drabble and a single one to go with that, plus a loose drabble that I guess takes place sometime after "Our Mrs. Reynolds". Unbetaed, please let me know about any mistakes you find.

Knowing Your Place – Inara and Book, G )
Introduction – Kaylee and River, G )
Moonshine – Mal/Saffron, PG )
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[ETA: sixteen, but I won't change the subject heading because I like alliteration.]

For [ profile] capra_maritimus Five Things River Tam Secretly Knows about the Serenity Crew. To make up partially for being pretty lame, this one is also an exact drabble. ETA: Read Five Secrets About River (The Just Beneath Surface Remix) by [ profile] exeterlinden! /ETA

Read more... )

For [ profile] absolutefiction, Five Things Casey and His Cousin Did Not Do and One Thing They Did (a few years back)
Read more... )

For [ profile] aprilkat, Five Things Delilah Knows about Casey and Zeke Just from Watching
Read more... )

For [ profile] layne67, Five Ways Zeke Gets Romantic with Casey
Read more... )
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Firefly fans, check out the ficathon [ profile] ana_grrl is hosting here. It's an informal exchange where you can leave or answer as many promts as you want or none at all.

Seeing the announcement reminded me of a ficlet I'd started a while back and I decided to finish it: Jayne/Simon, PG-13, ~690 words, written for prompt #16, (You see, I woke up gay) at the crack!fic community [ profile] wtf27

ETA: Read Is That So? (Process of Elimination Remix) by [ profile] trascendenza! /ETA

You See, I Woke Up Gay )
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ETA: Read the remix by [ profile] emmademarais: Incense (The Honey Remix). /ETA

Okay, I said I'd post this as soon as my friend got back from vacation, and she posted a little while ago, so:

Here is my Firefly ficlet (set of five drabbles) for my RL friend [ profile] gamerchick, who knows a hundred times more about Firefly than I do and who thinks fanfic is silly.

*is not intimidated in the least*

She asked for Jayne-centric and/or Kaylee/Inara. What I've done is a bit of gapfiller for "Out of Gas," in which Book, Jayne, Kaylee, and Inara spend several hours together on a shuttle, and the only thing we find out about how it went is that Jayne thought it smelled funny. Unbetaed because not enough of my friends are into Firefly.

Incense, PG-13 )


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