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Okay, so I participated in the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II and it was (and continues to be) awesome!

Cover art by [personal profile] bessyboo
Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II, text over collage of 144 women's faces
Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II

Those links go to the post on [ profile] halfamoon, where you can see the list of readers and download a podbook or a zip file or browse by fandom and download individual MP3s. The total running time is over 7 and a half hours and there are 47 readers and 86 authors in 64 fandoms. Some of these readers are brand new to podfic and I believe this is the first podfic that's been made in some of the fandoms. I have been listening on my way to and from and around work and it's really a wonderful experience, to hear so many different voices and ways of reading. A lot of the fandoms are unfamiliar to me and some of the readers are people that I know on Twitter or whose names I've seen around, but I've never listened to them read before because I'm not into their regular fandoms. I love that there are pieces about motherhood and fighting and having sex and saving the world and all kinds of other things women do. It is making me very happy. [personal profile] fire_juggler has a really nice post about it and how listening to an anthology is different from listening to a long podfic.

I contributed seven pieces in seven different fandoms, several of which were new to me! They are each between 1 and 10 minutes long.

seven short podfics: Avatar, Doctor Who, Merlin, Northern Exposure, Pan's Labyrinth, Torchwood, X-Men )

Another awesome thing that happened was that [personal profile] fitz_y made a podfic of I Ache Myself for More a piece of Gwen/Morgana noncon that I wrote last year. I believe it's the only noncon piece among the 104 podlets in the anthology and both [personal profile] fitz_y and I feel a bit self-conscious about that, but, well, Guinevere is still awesome even when bad things are happening to her. I loved hearing Fitzy read this as well as a very porny Gwen/Morgana fic of her own, and there are several other Merlin podfics in the collection. In conclusion, yay ladies!!!
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Title: Mexico
Fandom: Pan's Labyrinth
Characters: Mercedes
Rating: PG
Warnings: Reference to war, abortion, and canon character deaths, but nothing graphic.
Word count: 1808
Summary: "When you get to Mexico you can start over."
Author's Notes: I started this just over two years ago, intending it as a 2008 New Year's Resolution for [ profile] danae_b's Yuletide request. Obviously that didn't work out, but, well, I got out the file last night and finished it, so here it is!

Juancito is getting too big to sit on her lap. )
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Authors' names were revealed at [ profile] remixthedrabble last night. I wrote four ficlets and had four written based on my stories, adding up to seven different authors I interacted with in eight different fandoms! I believe all three of these authors were writing in fandoms they haven't written in before, and they did a fantastic job. I enjoyed this round so much.

[ profile] exeterlinden wrote
- Five Secrets About River (The Just Beneath Surface Remix), Firefly, 176 words, remix of "Five Things River Tam Secretly Knows about the Serenity Crew".
- Spring (The New Leaf Remix), LOTR: Frodo/Merry, 100 words, remix of "Family and Friends"

[ profile] ibonekoen wrote
-Never Figure You Out, The Faculty: Casey and Zeke, 500 words, remix of "Nobody Else".

And [ profile] lady_smith wrote
-The Mandrake's Tale (Selfish, Stubborn Remix), Pan's Labyrinth, 101 words, remix of "Clean Up This Mess".

I wrote
-Fragments (The Tattered Pages Remix), Heroes: Nathan and Peter, 102 words, remix of these tattered pages by [ profile] takethesky87.
-My Kind of Dream (The Sharing Is Caring Remix), Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy/Faith, 200 words, remix of The Kind of Dream You'd Never Share by [ profile] sinandmisery.
-Witness (The History of Violence Remix), Harry Potter, Augusta and Neville, 200 words, remix of A History of Violence by [ profile] amathela.
-His Hands (Returning Remix), M*A*S*H: B.J./Peg, 300 words, remix of Hands by [ profile] iamsab.

One of the most amusing parts of this whole thing meeting [ profile] iamsab in the AIM chat room set up for [ profile] remixredux08 participants and not giving away that I'd been reading and remixing her for this other challenge. :D

Speaking of which, I need to rec a Doctor Who (Ten and Martha) fic and two remixes I had nothing to do with. For the full effect, read all three. (Don't worry, they're short and full of awesome!)
-Savile Row by [ profile] iamsab
-Threads (The Backstitch in Time Remix) by [ profile] eve11 in [ profile] remixthedrabble
-Savile Row (The Glass Menagerie Remix) by anonymous in [ profile] remixredux08

ALSO. There is probably going to be a mini-round of [ profile] remixthedrabble sometime soon in which we will remix the remixes. It will be open to people who have participated in past rounds and it will be confusing and fabulous.
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Whee, [ profile] remixthedrabble round 4 is up! There were 76 ficlets in over 30 different fandoms, and you can find the ones that interest you using either memories tags.

This was the not-necessarily-reciprocal round and I wrote four ficlets in four different fandoms, but I didn't expect to have much written for me because I didn't see anyone else from hobbit fandom participating. However! I received four mini-remixes in four different fandoms!!! This makes me the second most remixed author in the community (after the mod, hee!). I'm so very pleased! Here are the links to the new ones:

Never Figure You Out, The Faculty, Casey and Zeke, 500 words (remix of "Nobody Else")

Five Secrets About River (The Just Beneath Surface Remix), Firefly, 176 words (remix of "Five Things River Tam Secretly Knows about the Serenity Crew")

Spring (The New Leaf Remix), LOTR, Frodo/Merry, 100 words (remix of "Family and Friends")

The Mandrake's Tale (Selfish, Stubborn Remix), Pan's Labyrinth, 101 words (remix of "Clean Up This Mess")

Seriously, go check them out! Tell the anonymous authors how great they are. See if you can figure out who they are and which four ficlets I wrote before the reveal next week.

I'm in a good mood because of that and because I've now completed all the writing challenges I signed up for! Last night I submitted my longer remix fic at [ profile] remixredux08 and that challenge will be going live next week. And Friday night I sent in my fic for the Frolijah challenge, and those fics will go up sometime in the next couple days. I'm glad I'm finished with those obligations and now I can relax (except for the ever-present WIP guilt) and enjoy reading for a while.
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Pan's Labyrinth fans! There are two fics in the Yuletide archive. This is another of the fandoms I requested so it's almost like they were written for me. I missed the summary for Dream's Labyrinth so I read the whole thing and left a comment without realizing it was a crossover with The Sandman. *g* Very cool story though, dark and creepy adventures for Ofelia's little brother. Given and Won is a great fairy tale style story that talks about Princess Moanna from the Faun's POV.

There are quite a few fics based on the Hebrew Bible and all the ones I've read have been very good, but my favorites so far have been Tales Told in Egypt, in which Joseph tells his fellow prisoners stories from his family history, and Sweet, Salt, and Bitter, a surprising piece of Rachel/Leah femslash.

More recs: Oscar Wilde RPF, Dead Poets Society, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Smoke Signals, and Pushing Daisies )
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Dana just posted some Pan's Labyrinth drabbles and ficlets which are great (I know because I betaed them): Dreaming, Waking, Going; Knowledge; Pity; Holding On; and Lullaby. Seeing these go up inspired me to finish some drabbles I'd started last month.

From [ profile] trascendenza's prompt "Revolution, loss, redemption" (I sort of left out the last one), 200 words, PG
Promises )

From [ profile] baranduin's prompt "Ofelia, grapes, dinner table", 100 words, PG
Compromise )

There are a bunch of Pan's Labyrinth prompts among many, many others at the small fandoms haikuathon, which just started today and where you can use any of the available prompts or write whatever else you want in whatever fandom you want. I have done two so far. I'd love to see more people join in.
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This week [ profile] trascendenza is collecting prompts for two new [ profile] haikuathon challenges, with poems being posted next week. Everyone is welcome and leaving prompts does not obligate you to write haikus or the other way around.
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[ profile] trascendenza sent out the [ profile] remixthedrabble assignments on Tuesday and gave us the option of writing one, two, or three ficlets. I love that she is so flexible. So far I've done two and a half, and they're not due until the 20th. This is a very nice feeling, as I'm usually the kind of person to put off writing until very close to the challenge deadline.

I was thinking it could be fun to write some new drabbles and other ficlets in fandoms that I share with other regulars at the comm, because that will make me more remixable for future rounds and because writing ficlets is fun.

If you would like to help me out, there are two kinds of prompts I'm looking for: three words (one or two of them can be character names), or five things (as in, five things Aragorn would like to do to Frodo in bed, five ways Zeke gets romantic with Casey, etc.).

Fandoms: Harry Potter (most likely to actually get written), Heroes, Brokeback Mountain, Pan's Labyrinth.
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Authors' names are up for the [ profile] remixthedrabble lightning round. It was a little complicated because we were each supposed to write for three other people and only four people signed up, but not all of us have matching fandoms. But [ profile] trascendenza the mod and everyone else was flexible and we ended up with 14 ficlets rather than 12, which is great.

(Sign-ups are now open for the next round and I'm thinking I'll probably sit this one out, what with that larger remix I need to write in the next couple weeks, but if enough of you sign up I'm sure I'll cave.)

[ profile] dreams_power wrote Soothing Presence (The Lost and Found Remix), perfectly handled River side of a Kaylee drabble I wrote recently.

[ profile] trascendenza wrote Is That So? (Process of Elimination Remix), wonderfully funny and also sexy 200-word remix of a "You See, I Woke Up Gay", a Jayne/Simon crack ficlet I did a while back.

And [ profile] tinheart did an awesome tragic job with Invictus (Fallen Heroes Remix), a drabble remix of one of my Pan's Labyrinth drabbles. (Like the original, it spoils for the end of the movie, so be careful of that.)

Here are the ones I wrote:

Brokeback Mountain fandom: Jack/Ennis | G | 100 words
Original story: Sepia III (f-locked) by [ profile] theswearingkind, 710 words.
(Sepia is a beautifully written series of "Snapshots of what could have been" in which Jack and Ennis buy that little ranch, like Jack used to talk about.)
Brothers (The Happy Beginning Remix) )

Firefly fandom: Kaylee/Inara | PG-13 PWP | 102 words
Original story: Lovely by [ profile] trascendenza, 102 words.
([ profile] trascendenza's original was seventeen lines of six words each, and mine is six lines of seventeen words each.)
Lovely (The Six Times Seventeen Remix) )

Firefly/Lord of the Rings: Sam Gamgee and the Serenity crew | very G | 200 words
Original story: Five Worlds That Never Collided With The Firefly 'Verse (part 1) by [ profile] danachan, 200 words.
(This is one of the ways we got to be flexible.)
One World That Never Collided With The Firefly 'Verse (The Gamgee Remix) )
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I should say though that I had two awesome movie experiences last weekend. On Friday night I saw Children of Men and was blown away; it's one of the most powerful things I've seen in a long time. If you're like me and you like your disturbingly plausible future dystopias, I highly recommend this. Read more... )

On Saturday morning I went to a special screening of The Lives of Others, with the director, Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, there to take questions from the audience afterwards. This is one of the other movies up for best foreign-language film and, though it didn't move me as much as Pan's Labyrinth, it was very absorbing and well done. It's set in East Berlin in 1984 and is about a Stasi officer who has to spy on a playwright (and his girlfriend) to find out if he's loyal to the government.

I love that the word Orwellian is used in reviews of both of these movies.

The director talked about writing. )

I also watched A History of Violence on DVD this afternoon. Viggo was fantastic and I liked the movie very much, but I'm home alone in a snowstorm and the way the house creaks in the wind sounds like someone walking around downstairs and is FREAKING ME OUT.
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I wrote a set of three drabbles for Pan's Labyrinth, which I saw this afternoon! Friends, please do not read these if you haven't seen the movie! They have big SPOILERS and won't make sense to you if you haven't seen it anyway. (They might also have errors, which you should tell me about. I have only seen the movie the one time.)

Go see the movie though and then come back! :D

[ETA: read the remix drabbles!
of part 2: The Mandrake's Tale by [ profile] lady_smith
of part 3: Invictus. by [ profile] tinheart]

Clean Up This Mess )


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